Astronomical Basis of Makar Sankranti

makar sankranti reasonMakar Sankranti is a festival of nature. Without the presence of nature, we can not live even for a moment. Makar Sankranti is a way or synonym to thank for this blessing. Sun is a factor of life, light and growth. It is an integral part of our life. The arrival of sun in the morning, not just start the routine of humans but all other living beings.

Entry of Sun into its Northern Solstice(Uttarayan)

Sun God leave the six month travelling and enters into the northern solstice (Tropic of Cancer). As Sun enter into the northern solstice, it is considered as the starting of day of deity. From Makar Sankranti, the blessings of god start showering. During these six months, Gods remains in a position of relaxations. According to the people having knowledge of astronomical science, it was decided that every year on 14/15 January, Makar Sankranti will be celebrated. The glimpse of this can be seen in our ancient traditions as well.

If we look in the geographical science, we find that equator divides earth into southern and northern hemisphere. Before Makar Sankranti, sun is in the southern hemisphere that is tropic of Capricorn. But, after this, the sun start moving towards the northern hemisphere. Where Sun is known to enter the northern solstice.

Significance of Makar Sankranti in Vedic Jyotish

Makar Sankranti is also known as Til Sankranti. As per the astrological sayings, it is believed that, when Sun(Surya) enters in enemy’s house that is Saturn(Shani) sign, then to reduce the inauspicious effect of Sun, items related to Saturn are donated. Out of these Til is the key factor of Saturn.

Til is donated today in order to achieve the auspiciousness from the sun. On Makar Sankranti, changing of sign by Sun symbolises the change of darkness to light. This is the reason why, every state offer worship and prayer to Sun God in different ways.

Medicinal Importance of Makar Sankranti

Today items made of Til and jaggery are eaten and donated. According to Ayurveda, having Til on Makar Sankranti, prevent from arthritis disorders. If Til and jaggery is not taken today, then you may have cough in spring season and arthritis may effect you fast during rainy season. A special category which can not afford these items, get them as donation. By this, they are also able to eat them.

Concentrating minds in God on the day of Makar Sankranti is the thing which gives this festival a spiritual base. With this resolution, a person moves forward in life with the thinking of God and gaining knowledge about God. In search of ultimate peace and happiness, a person has to wonder in many lifetimes. Makar sankranti is the most auspicious day for taking such a resolution.