Lohri: A Festival of Fun and Gaiety, 13th January, 2023

Makar Sankranti Lohri In Punjab the life is lead in a different style. A tradition of living life with fun and gaiety, enjoying very moment, can be seen here. Glimpse of this life style can be seen Lohdi festival, 13th January. Lohri is celebrated in the evening before Makar Sankranti, in the northern states of India like Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and the near by areas. This day, the culture of these places display a new look.

Lohri in Punjab

Lohri is not just limited to Punjab. But here the look of this festival is something different. This day, the color and happiness is in full beauty and liveliness. While talking about Punjab how can we forget mentioning Mustard’s Saag, Chapattis made of corn, smell of Earth, sweet smell of water from pot(Ghada). Lohri is a festival of thanking nature, and, the spark of joy is different if it is celebratd in the style of Punjab. Lohri is also called the knock of Makar Sankranti.

Music and Festivities on the Eve of Lohri

The folk songs in the evening of Lohri, make the environment musically beautiful. The fascinating songs are such a kind that even for ones a Bairagi(holy man/traveller) may also forget his way. And, the most important is Bhangra and, Gidda performed by charming ladies, which can’t be forgot. As per the Hindu religion, it is believed that what ever we donate something in fire, it directly reach to our God and ancestors. On the day of Lohdi, the swinging crops from farm are brought home, then it is burnt in fire.Dancing and singing people move around it and do a thanks giving. Here also, there is a different style of worshiping God.

The echo of Bhagra, fire of woods in the evening and the smell of food items dedicated to fire, binds one village to another and one house to the other. This celebration is carried out till late night. Beats of huge drums, which tire the people people playing it, but the moments and dancing of legs don’t stop and together the taste of Rewdi and peanut is enjoyed the whole night. The color of Lohri is dimmed after the first rays of morning.

Lohri, the Festival of Youth

Although the festival of Lohri brings in happiness for every class and age people of north India. But, it is particularly special for young men, women and newly married couples. Today, youth, girls and guys, dress up beautifully and organise a competition of signing. With the burning of wood in fire, the newly married couple wish for their happy and peaceful married life. At the places of cultural functions, the preparation of Lohri starts a day before the day of festival.

Celebration of Makar Sankranti

As the festival of Lohri is celebrated just an evening before Makar Sankranti. And, the festival has a direct relation with sun entering in Capricorn sign. Sun itself is a factor of fire and power. So, on this festival fire should be worshipped. The farmers, celebrate this festival as Lohri, in order to make their Gods happy and thank for the Rabi crop. On the eve of this happy occasion, wish you all a very happy Lohri.