The purpose of observing weekday fast is to get the favorable results from the nine planets. Hence, the weekday fasts are considered significant. This Vrat is kept on a specific day of a week. Weekday fast are mainly observed to reduce the;
Every date is made by joining two Karana. There are only 11 Karana. Out of which Bava, Balva, Kaulava, Taitila, Gar, Vanija, Vishti are Char Karana and Shakuni, Chatuspada, Naga and Kinstughan are constant or Dhurv Karana.  Vishti;
Analysis of chart and making the perfect predictons requires mixing of different methods of judging the horoscope . Ashtakavarga is the system of analyzing chart with respect to  8 reference points. In general the chart is analyzed;
It is difficult to tell the beginning date of astrology in India. The scholars who introduced astrology are clearly mentioned. The key scholars are Surya, Pitamah, Vyasa, Vashishtha, Atri, Parashar, Kashyap, Narad, Garg, Marichi, Manu,;
In Indian astrology , First house is known by many other names.This house is also known as lagana bhava, kendra bhava, and trikon bhava. Lagna Bhava is the strength of horoscope , and has a great significance as compared to other houses.If;
Gemini people are highly intellectual in nature. Geminians behave as per the charactersticts of their sign. Gemini people are funny and attractive.Let’s study about Gemini as a sign in detail: Who is the Lord of Gemini. Mercury is;
People of the Libra sign are extremely attractive. They can easily tackle even the most difficult situations. They are responsible and work according to their principles in life. Such people are stable. The most important trait of Libra;
This stone was first founded in 1855 by G.A.Kenngott. The name of this gemstone has been obtained from a Greek word ‘Enstate’ which means ingredient and component of something. It is the fossil of pyroxene group. Since this;
Gar Karana comes in the category of Char Karana. Hindu Panchang has 5 parts : date, day, Nakshatra , Yoga and Karana. There are only 11 Karana. The 1st seven Karana keep repeating whereas, the left over four Karana remain constant. ;
A deep insight into Vedic astrology solves the mysteries of astrology one by one. Vedas and the principles of ancient saints guide us through the secrets of Vedic astrology. Sarvapari Grantha of astrology scriptures is also known as Surya;
Chaitra Shukla Paksha is called the Anang Trayodashi. In the year 2019, this fast will be observed on 17th April. This fast is dedicated to Lord Bhole Nath. Also, Kamdev and his wife Rati are worshipped in this fast. It is a fast of;
Each Zodiac sign carries its own definite mental, physical and personal characteristics while ascending towards a different sign. But, it is practically implied only if there are no planets in the first house or Lagna . Presence of a;
Astrology must not be confused with fatalism, witchcraft, palmistry or card shuffling. Rather it interprets what it conceives to be the future of the native, on the basis of his past karmas. These past karmas are indicated by the planetary;
Is Coral Stone Favourable for Me? Mars’ stone Coral is also known by different names like: Moonga, Pravaal, Vidrum, Latamani, Raktang etc. Wearing Coral increases bravery, courage and patience. This stone helps in solving problems of;