Gemini Lagna | Gemini Ascendant

Each Zodiac sign when ascending  carries its own definite mental, physical and personal characteristics. But is practically implied only if there is no planet in the first house or Lagna. Presence of planet can modify the results. for example if the Sun is in the Lagna it adds nobleness, the Moon adds better proportion and greater delicacy, Mars in lagna gives a fair ruddiness and healthy constitution. Mercury makes the stature proportionate and well shaped Jupiter adds the fair complexion, large eyes and dignifies stature. Venus adds beauty, softness and greater delicacy. Saturn makes a man tall, inactive

Gemini is the third Zodiac sign of all 12 Zodiac Signs.

Gemini is an Airy sign and Male sign. It is dual in nature. The direction of Gemini  is North.

The Lord of Lagna is Mercury  that makes the nativeIntellectual by nature.

The Planet Exalted in it is the Rahu. The colour is Green  and place is bedchamber.

Gemini is Raatribali. That means that this rashi gets stronger in the night time.

The Mental Tendencies of Gemini rising is quick witted, vivacious and inconsistent, Wavering mind, nervous and restless.

Physically Geminis are tall and straight in stature and active in motion. Well developed face, sanguine complexion. unusual height with malefics, eyes are clear but snub nose. They are weak but active.

Generally natives born in Gemini are expert in mechanical services. They suffer sudden nervous breakdown. Their mind is often conscious of there own depravity.They must be cautious while moving with opposite sex. They are clever and possess conversational and literary ability. With malefics in Gemin they will be characterized as trickery and deceitful. They are liable to fraud and deception.

The Sun in Gemini makes them intelligent, learned, astronomer, polite, wealthy, shy, reserved, good conversationalist. .

The Moon in Gemini makes them creative, fond of women, persuasive, curly hair, witty, dexterous, fond of music, thought reader, subtle and long life.

Mars in Gemini makes a scientific mind, ambitious, quick, rash, skilled in music, fearless, tactless, peevish.

Mercury in Gemini gives sweet speech, cultured, tactful, dexterous, inventive, inclination towards literature. bronchial trouble, musician, studious..

Jupiter in Gemini gives extra Oratorial ability, well built, benevolent, pure hearted, sagacious, diplomatic, elegant.  

Venus in Gemini
makes native rich, gentle, kind, eloquent, proud, gullible, lover of fine arts, good logician, tendencies towards materialism.

Saturn in Gemini makes native untidy, subtle, thin, taste for chemical and mechanical sciences, speculative, logical.  

In the study of Mundane Astrology Gemini governs Musical and Entertainment halls, brothels, dens frequented by fair girls, parks, gambling houses, libraries, cinemas and theaters,

In the medical Astrology Gemini governs chest. The internal organs governed are Lungs, breath, nerve fibers. The disease related to Gemini are pneumonia, rheumatism, asthama, Gastric.

The appropriate careers as Gemini  are suitable as Electrical Engineers, Administrative officer, Astrologers, Newspaper editor, post and telegraph department, Commission Agent, Munshi, or as Scientist. Gemini people have the ability to setup big industries too.