ऋषि पुत्र- ज्योतिष का इतिहास | Rishi Putra - History of Astrology | Rishi Putra Shakun Shastra| Aryabhatt Astrology Explanation

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Rishi Putra was the son of Rishi Garg. Like his father, he was a scholar of astrology. He wrote many texts on astrology. [More]

सुनफा योग - चन्द्रादि योग | Sunapha Yoga - Chandradi Yoga | Sunapha Yoga Result | Durdhara Yoga | Anafa Yoga Results

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Sunafa Yoga is formed by Moon. Sunafa Yoga is included in the auspicious and inauspicious Yogas formed by Moon. [More]

पराशर सिद्धान्त - ज्योतिष का इतिहास | Parashara Siddhanta- History of Astrology | Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra | Brahmagupta Jyotishacharya

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Acharya Parashara has been related to the astrological principles of Narad and Vashishtha. It would not be wrong to call Acharya Parashara the foundation of history of astrology. [More]

रोडोक्रोसाईट उपरत्न | Rhodochrosite Gemstone Meaning | Rhodochrosite - Metaphysical, Healing Properties

April 23, 2011 18:20 clockastrowriter3
Rhodochrosite is an excellent conductor of energy. This stone is said that it has power to straighten the balance of the body, the spirit, and feelings.


वेदव्यास ऋषि - ज्योतिष का इतिहास | Saint Vedvyas - The History of Astrology | Kashyap Rishi

April 22, 2011 22:36 clockastrowriter2
The saint Vedvyas is considered the son of saint Parashara. The astrology which is used in modern age is a part of Parashari astrology. [More]

डोलोमाईट उपरत्न | Dolomite Gemstone - Dolomite Meaning - Dolomite, Metaphysical Properties - Dolomite, Healing Crystals

April 22, 2011 18:20 clockastrowriter3
Dolomite was discovered in 1791 by the French mineralogist Deodat de Dolomieu while travelling in the Alps. Pink Dolomite is also particularly good for insomnia. It is used for manufacturing certain types of refractory bricks used in steel making.


डायोप्टेज उपरत्न | Dioptase Gemstone | Dioptase - Metaphysical Properties | Dioptase - Healing Crystal

April 21, 2011 19:30 clockastrowriter3
Dioptase is an emerald green silicate of copper. Dioptase is a powerful stone to awaken love and compassion and to heal emotional distress. [More]

डायोप्साईड उपरत्न | Diopside Gemstone | Diopside - Metaphysical Properties | Diopside - Healing Properties

April 21, 2011 18:20 clockastrowriter3
Diopside stone is a calcium magnesium silicate mineral of the group pyroxene. Diopside occurs in white to light green, darker green, gray or greenish black, reddish brown and yellow-brown. The energy of this mineral depends upon the hue. [More]

मनुष्य गण मिलान- अष्टकूट मिलान - गण मैत्री | Gana Milan - Ashta Koot Milan | Ashtakoot Matching System

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In Hindu religion, before marriage, Kundali of bride and groom are matched. This match making of horoscopes is called Ashtakoot Milan [More]

देवगण मिलान- अष्टकूट मिलान | Ashta Koot Milan (Match Making) - Dev Gana Koot Milan | How to do Match Making

April 21, 2011 00:59 clockastrowriter2
Before Marraige, Kundali of bride and groom are matched in 8 ways. This match making is called as Ashtakoot Milan [More]

राक्षस गण - गण मिलान - अष्टकूट मिलान | Rakshash Gana - Guna Milan - Ashta Koot Milan | How to Avoid Gana Dosha

April 21, 2011 00:52 clockastrowriter2
While match making the kundali of bride and groom, Manglik Dosh and other planet Dosh are seen together with the Ashtakoot Milan. [More]

पूर्णिमा तिथि -हिन्दू कैलेण्डर तिथि | Purnima Tithi - Hindu Calendar Tithi | Purnima Tithi Importance

April 20, 2011 23:55 clockastrowriter2
A person who is born on Purnima is said to have good property. Such a person has intellectual abilities. [More]

अमावस्या तिथि - हिन्दू कैलेण्डर तिथि | Amavasya Tithi - Hindu Calendar Tithi | Amavasya Tithi : Pitra Tarpan

April 20, 2011 23:51 clockastrowriter2
Person born on Amavasya Tithi has a long life. He spends more time in foreign then at home. He uses his brain in crafty works. [More]

चतुर्दशी तिथि -हिन्दू कैलेण्डर तिथि | Chaturdashi Tithi - Hindu Calendar Tithi

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Lord Shiva is the owner of Chaturdashi Tihti. Person born on this date should worship lord Shiva regularly. [More]

त्रयोदशी तिथि - हिन्दू कैलेण्डर तिथि | Trayodashi Tithi - Hindu Calendar Date | How is Trayodashi Tithi Formed

April 20, 2011 23:35 clockastrowriter2
Person born on Trayodashi Tithi is a perfectionist. He is scholar of many subjects. He has interest in gaining more and more knowledge. [More]

कैसिटेराइट उपरत्न । Cassiterite Gemstone | Cassiterite - Metaphysical Properties

April 20, 2011 18:20 clockastrowriter3
Cassiterite is a rare natural gemstone. Cassiterite is the most important ore that occurs from tin and is marked with high durability. [More]

द्वादशी तिथि - हिन्दू कैलेन्डर तिथि | Dwadashi Tithi - Hindu Calendar Tithi | Dwadashi Tithi Vaar Yoga

April 20, 2011 04:28 clockastrowriter2
People born on Dwadashi Tithi have a versatile brain. There thoughts lack stability. The have a rigid body. [More]

एकादशी तिथि - हिन्दू कैलेण्डर मास | Ekadasi Tithi - Hindu Calendar Date । Ekadashi Fast Importace । Ekadasi Tithi Yoga

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One moon month has 30 dates. Also, a moon month has two Paksha. The 11th date of both the paksha is called Ekadashi Tithi [More]

दशमी तिथि - हिन्दू कैलेण्डर तिथि | Dashmi Tithi - Hindu Calendar Date | Dashmi Tithi Vaar Yoga | Chandra Tithi

April 20, 2011 03:59 clockastrowriter2
A date is formed when Sun moves 12 degrees forward from its position. Or, when Sun is 109 to 120 degree away from Moon. [More]

नवमी तिथि -हिन्दू कैलेण्डर तिथि | Navami Tithi - Hindu Calendar Date | What is Tithi in Hindu Calender | Tithi Vaar Yoga

April 19, 2011 23:58 clockastrowriter2
Navmi Tithi is the 9th date of Hindu month. This date comes in both the Paksha of moon month. The goddess of this Tithi is Mata Durga. [More]

अष्टमी तिथि - हिन्दू कैलेण्डर तिथि | Ashtami Tithi - Hindu Calendar Tithi । Hindu Calendar Date । Ashtami Tithi Yoga

April 19, 2011 23:51 clockastrowriter2
In the moon month, Ashtami Tithi is the date nest to Saptami Tithi. As moon month has 2 Paksha, so this date comes twice in a moon month. [More]

सप्तमी तिथि | Saptami Tithi - Hindu Calendar Date | Saptami Meaning | How is Tithi Calculated

April 19, 2011 02:02 clockastrowriter2
A date is formed when Sun moves 12 degree from its position. Sun is the lord of Saptami Tithi. Each Paksha has one Saptami. [More]

षष्टी तिथि | Shasti Tithi | Hindu Calendar Date | What is Tithi in Hindu Calender | How is Tithi Calculated

April 19, 2011 00:58 clockastrowriter2
The sixth date of both Paksha in a moon month is called Shasti Tithi. The date of Shukla Paksha is called Shukla Paksha Shasti Tithi and the other is known as Krishna Paksha Shasti Tithi. [More]

वशिष्ठ सिद्धान्त- सिद्धान्त ज्योतिष - ज्योतिष इतिहास | Vashishtha Siddhanta ( Siddhanta Jyotish ) History of Astrology | Romaka Siddhanta

April 18, 2011 23:34 clockastrowriter2
it is very difficult to tell the exact time when astrology had begun in India. We have a clear description of the scriptures which had started astrology. [More]

तृ्तीया तिथि | Tritiya Tithi | Tritiya Meaning | What is Tithi in Hindu Calender | How is Tithi Calculated

April 16, 2011 23:59 clockastrowriter2
Owner of Tritiya Tithi is goddess Gauri. Person born on this date should worship Mata Gauri for a good life. [More]