8th भाव-धन भाव क्या है. | Aayu Bhava Meaning | Ashtam House in Horoscope | 8th House in Indian Astrology

May 27, 2011 21:26 clockastrowriter2
The eight house is the house of age.It is also known as Panakar Bhava and Badhak Bhava.This house represents the subjects through which a person gets disgraced, death, debts etc. [More]

7वां भाव-विवाह भाव क्या है. | Jaya Bhava Meaning | Seventh House in Horoscope | 7th House in Indian Astrology

May 27, 2011 21:11 clockastrowriter2
The seventh house is the house of marriage.It is also known as Vivah Bhava or Jaya Bhava. It describes the spouse.Other than this it also represents the desire of sex, marriage, foreign countries etc. [More]

मेलाकाइट उपरत्न | Malachite Gemstone | Malachite - Metaphysical Properties | Malachite - Healing Ability

May 25, 2011 18:20 clockastrowriter3
Malachite is a famous and very popular semi-precious stone. It is named for the Greek word for "mallow", a green herb. Malachite is a light to dark green color with black bands and swirls, creating a marbled effect. [More]

छठा भाव - ऋण भाव क्या है. | Gyati Bhava Meaning | Sixth House in Horoscope | 6th House in Indian Astrology

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The sixth house in Vedic astrology is also known as Rog Bhava, Trik Bhava, Duhsthana, Upchaya, Apokalim and Trishadya Bhava. If this house is weak, then is not considered good. [More]

5वां भाव-संतान भाव क्या है. | Prem Bhava Meaning | Fifth House in Horoscope | 5th House in Indian Astrology

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Fifth house represents love. It also known as the house of education.Other than this this house is also known as Panphar Bhava, Kon Bhava.Fifth house represents child, intelligence, betting, popularity, etc. [More]

4th भाव- सुख भाव क्या है. | Sukh Bhava Meaning | Fourth House in Horoscope | 4th House in Indian Astrology

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  कुण्डली के लग्न भाव से क्रम से गिनने चतुर्थ स्थान में आने वाला भाव चतुर्थ भाव कहलाता है. चतुर्थ भाव माता, घरेलू खुशियां, भू-सम्पति,  पैतृ्क भूमि, स्थिर-सम्पति, वाहन, नैतिक सदगुण, ईंमानदारी, निष्ठा, मित्र, शिक्षा, मानसिक शान्ति, सुख-सुविधा, संचय, पशु, अनाज, व्यापार, मौसम, घर, बुद्धिमत्ता, बचत, पशु, अनाज, व्यापार, घर, कार, तम्बू, पवेलियन, झूठे आरोप, खेत, खेती, पशुशाला, फसल, खान, गुप्त स... [More]

तीसरा भाव क्या है.| Prakrama Bhava Meaning | Third House in Horoscope | 3rd House in Indian Astrology

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Third House is also known as Power house.The other names of this house are Apikalim Bhava, Upchaya Bhava, Trishaya Bhava. Third house states the power of an individual, courage, longevity, younger brother, writings etc. [More]

पेटालाईट उपरत्न | Petalite Gemstone Meaning | Petalite - Stone Of The Angels | Petalite - Metaphysical, Healing Ability

May 23, 2011 18:20 clockastrowriter3
Petalite is beneficial for opening to a higher vibration and forming an angelic connection. It allows the wearer to experience the Earth, and to tap into heavenly realms through messengers, bringing calm and peacefulness while assisting to remain centered. [More]

द्वितीय भाव क्या है. । Dhan Bhava Meaning | Second House in Horoscope | 2nd House in Indian Astrology

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The second house in a Kundali is also known as Dwitiya Bhava. It is also commonly known as Panfar Bhava, Marak Bhava, Dhan Bhava, Kutumb Bhava and Maarak Bhava. [More]

प्रथम भाव-लग्न भाव क्या है.| Lagna Bhava Meaning | First House in Horoscope | Ist House in Indian Astrology

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n Indian astrology , First house is known by many other names.This house is also known as lagana bhava, kendra bhava, and trikon bhava. Lagna Bhava is the strength of horoscope , and has a great significance as compared to other houses. [More]

केतु क्या है । The Ketu in Astrology । Know Your Planets- Ketu | Which Gemstone wear for Ketu.

May 20, 2011 01:31 clockastrowriter2
Ketu has been described as the Tail, Torso and a decrease in the festivity. The various Karak things related to Ketu are as follows. Imprisonment, slavery, leprosy, suicide, grandfather, grandmother, eyes,etc. [More]

राहू क्या है । The Rahu in Astrology । Know Your Planets- Rahu | Which Gemstone must be hold for the Rahu.

May 19, 2011 23:46 clockastrowriter2
Rahu develops a person’s interest in research. The Karak things related to Rahu are as follows. Harsh voice, life abroad, travel, famine, desires, stains on the skin, skin diseases, snakes and snake venom, poison, relation with immoral woman etc. [More]

शनि क्या है । The Saturn in Astrology । Know Your Planets- Saturn | Satrun and Choice of Profession

May 19, 2011 01:11 clockastrowriter2
To understand Saturn Planet , it is necessary to know its Karak things. Saturn in astrology is a planet of age and longevity. [More]

शुक्र क्या है. । The Venus in Astrology । Know Your Planets- Venus | Venus and Choice of Profession

May 19, 2011 00:52 clockastrowriter2
http://astrobix.com/jyotisha/post/venus-astrology-know-your-planets-venus-venus-and-choice-of-profession.aspx [More]

गुरु ज्योतिष में । The Jupiter in Astrology । Know Your Planets- Jupiter | Jupiter and Choice of Profession

May 19, 2011 00:23 clockastrowriter2
The source of Vedic astrology is 9 planets, 12 signs, and 27 constellations. Jupiter is one of the 9 planets. Jupiter is considered to be the mist auspicious planet of all. The factor of Jupiter is boy child, life partner, finances, intelligence, education, architectural knowledge, academics, astrology logic, good qualities, devotion, sacrifice,religion belief, social respect. [More]

पुष्कल योग क्या है.| How is Bheri Yoga Formed | Pushkal Yoga | Viranchi Yoga | Shubhachari Yoga | Kalsarp Yoga | Akhandh Samrajya Yoga

May 16, 2011 23:00 clockastrowriter2
Bheri yoga is formed if the ascendant, venus and jupiter are in the Kendra and the ninth house from each other. it is also formed if venus is in the first, second, seventh, or twelfth house from mercury [More]

अधि-गुरुमंगल-गुरुचंडाल-ळक्ष्मी-गौरी-श्रीकण्ठ योग | Adhi yoga | Guru Mangal Yoga | Guru Chandal Yoga | Lakshmi Yoga | Gauri Yoga | Shri Kanth Yoga

May 16, 2011 22:56 clockastrowriter2
The word Yoga means a relation of planets in astrology.This relationship can be formed due to the changes in positions ,aspect and many more other reasons.Religion is formed with a yoga of mind and body , likewise in Ayurveda the yoga of two or more than two herbs is considered auspicious. [More]

वसुमान-शुभ-कर्तरी-पाप-कर्तरी-पारिजात-पर्वत-खल-दैन्य योग क्या है. । What is the Vasuman Yoga | Shubha Kartari Yoga | Papa Kartari Yoga | Parijat Yoga | Parvata Yoga | Khal Yoga | Dainya Yoga

May 16, 2011 22:41 clockastrowriter2
If mercury, jupiter and venus are in the seventh, tenth or eleventh house from the moon or the ascendant, vasuman yoga is formed.This yoga makes a person wealthy and the person under the influence of this yoga is intelligent also. [More]

कनकदण्ड-इष्टबल-कीर्ति-चामर-कुलश्रेष्ठ-भाग्य योग कैसे बनता है. | How is Formed Kanak Danda Yoga | What is Eshtha Bal Yoga | How is Formed Kirti Yoga | How is Formed Kirti Yoga

May 16, 2011 22:10 clockastrowriter2
When all the seven planets are in pisces, aries, taurus or libra, kanakdnda yoga is formed. This yoga makes a person religiously rich . [More]

लग्नभाग्यधिपति-राजयोग योग क्या है. | Dharmakarmadhipati Yoga | Lagnakarkadhipati Yoga | Lagnabhagyadhipati Yoga | How to Formed Rajyoga | Kalpdruma Yoga | Mridanga Yoga

May 16, 2011 21:59 clockastrowriter2
The planet in the ninth house and the tenth house are interchanging places.The person with this yogs participated actively in the events related to religion ans incorporates religious beliefs. [More]

सूर्य ग्रहण, 2011, जून । Solar Eclipse - 2011, 1st June | What to do during Solar Eclipse | What not to do during Solar Eclipse

May 14, 2011 20:32 clockastrowriter2
1st June, 2011. Wednesday. This partial solar eclipse will be visible on the night of Wednesday, 1st June, 2011 from 12 : 55 AM to 4 : 27 AM of 2nd June, 2011. This solar eclipse won’t be visible in all the countries. Wherever it will be seen, proper care will have to be taken to watch it. [More]

चन्द्र ग्रहण 2011-2012, जून | Lunar Eclipse 2011-2012, June | Where Lunar Eclipse can seen | Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Zodiac Signs

May 14, 2011 20:18 clockastrowriter2
2068 will be the year of Vikrama Savantsar when 5 eclipse will Visible Lunar eclipse is one of these eclipse.The lunar eclipse will Visible on Wednesday 15 June 2011, on Jyeshtha poornima and will continue till the morning of 16th June 2011. [More]

राहू का वृ्श्चिक में प्रवेश 2011-2012 - भारत के लिए । | Rahu enters in Scorpio Sign, 2011 | Rahu Sign Changee Effect on India

May 14, 2011 20:14 clockastrowriter2
Until 6 June 2011, Rahu will be visible in Sagittarius and Ketu in Gemini sign.On this day at 15:11 Rahu will enter in a debilitated sign Scorpio. Rahu and Ketu are also called Shadow Planet. [More]

राहू-केतु राशि परिवर्तन । 2011, 1 जून | Rahu-Ketu Enters In Scorpio। Changes in Rahu-Ketu on, 2011| Rahu-Ketu Remedies

May 14, 2011 20:04 clockastrowriter2
Rahi-Ketu will be changing their signs on 1 June, 2011. Rahu-Ketu always change their signs together. They are both fictional points in the space also known as Shadow Planets. [More]

राहू-केतु नीच राशि प्रवेश, 2011 | Rahu-Ketu Sign Change, 2011, Jun | Rahu in Scorpio Sign | Rahu Enters in Debilitated Sign | Ketu in Debilitated, 2011

May 14, 2011 19:48 clockastrowriter2
On 6th June 2011, Rahu is expected to enter the Scorpio sun sign at 15:11. Other than rahu, the range of the other planets would be as follows:- [More]