Jupiter Ring and Saturn Ring in Palmistry

Palmistry is like a vast ocean. It is almost impossible to understand its scope and decode everything that has been included in this branch of astrology. In order to make any predictions, it is very important to study everything in detail. In this webcast, we will talk about Mudrika or Rings in your palm.

Analysis of Jupiter Ring

In the beginning of this webcast, we will talk about Jupiter Ring. Jupiter Ring is visible in the form of a circle between your index finger and Jupiter mount.

If this line is present in your palm, it will inhibit you from getting involved in unethical activities. It also depicts intelligence. You don’t have an inclination towards unethical activities.

If Jupiter Ring is present in your palm, you have a keen interest in supernatural subjects. You also have an investigative nature. If your brain line is well-developed, auspiciousness of Jupiter Ring is maximized.

If Jupiter Ring is accompanied by Moon Line, also called Insight Line, you will be very powerful. Usually, Jupiter Ring does not form a circle in your palm. Instead, it forms the shape of a bow.

Most of the time, two small lines create an incomplete bow. An incomplete Jupiter Ring will not give as many results as expected.

Analysis of Saturn Ring

In this slide, we will talk about the characteristics of Saturn Ring. This Ring is not considered to be auspicious. Saturn Ring is visible between your Saturn mount and Middle Finger.

At times, Saturn Ring may not be complete or well-developed in your palm. It may be incomplete or absent. If Saturn Ring is present in your palm, you may have an unstable nature.

You are unable to concentrate or focus on one thing for long. This may cause some stress. You keep changing your line of work. Due to this, it becomes difficult for you to achieve success.

Besides the presence of Saturn Ring in your palm, if a cross or some other Dosha is visible on your Moon mount, you may be very irritable. At times, this part of your nature may lead to suicidal tendencies. You may even think about committing suicide or hurting yourself.

An incomplete Saturn Ring gives less inauspicious results than a complete Saturn Ring. A Saturn Ring is even more inauspicious if it is shaped like a cross instead of a bow.