Vastu Shastra General Guidelines

Vastu Shastra is a science which teaches us to be compatible and create a perfect harmony between the five essential elements of nature for enhanced wealth, health, prosperity and happiness. Vaastu has laid down principles for all kinds of buildings and architecture such as home or office, factory or a commercial block.

The application of these principles ensures benefits and protection from ill-effects of life and unpredictable effects of nature. In this webcast, we will discuss the basic principles of Vaastu Shastra and how these elements affect our lives as a whole.

General guidelines of Vaastu Of Interiors

The main door of the house should be located either from north of north-east or from east of north-east. Doors should never be placed in the center of any direction. The main entrance or door should be avoided in the north of north-west, east of south-east, south of south-west and west of south-west. There should not be any obstruction or water body opposite to the main entrance.

The kitchen should ideally be constructed in the south-east corner of the house. Alternatively, it may be in the north-west corner. A kitchen in the north-east corner or south-west should be strictly avoided as it may create problems with respect to the health and finance of the inmates.

Rooms in the west and east portion of the house can be used for dining. While eating one should sit facing east or west for better digestion and appetite habits.

Staircase are most preferable towards the south, west or south-west of the building. Alternatively, it may also be placed in the south-east or north-west. Staircases should be strictly avoided in the northeast, north and the east. Circular/spiral staircases are generally to be avoided.

The center portion of the room, building and plot must be kept free from any obstacles, weights, pillars, columns, beams, water bodies, etc. The center is dedicated to the the Lord Brahma. Do not construct anything in the center, as far as possible.

General Guidelines For Vastu of Exteriors

Vaastu expounds some basic rules for exteriors that must be followed while constructing the house. Proper placement of exterior sections are quite essential for prosperity and health of the inmates. Over-head tanks are purposefully located in the south-west as this place is considered unholy and heavy and the energies emitted by over-head tanks helps to balance negative energies of the space. Avoid any other direction for over-head tanks.

The ideal location for Under-water reservoir is north-east. It is considered to be a sacred place, which is why underground sections including under-water tank and basement are constructed here. Thus, it should be kept clean with proper lighting system.

Bore-well or tube-wells should be in the east, north or north-east to reap good benefits. Avoid constructing a bore-well in south and centre of the house.

Compound wall is the main enclosed wall of the house. It should be taller and thicker than other walls of the house. Walls on the south and west direction must be kept tall as as they save the inmates from penetrating sun rays which are most harmful during day time.

General Guidelines Of Vastu For Plots

The plot should be either square or rectangle in shape. A diagonal plot or irregular shaped plots should be avoided or must be cured before construction. Rectangular shape of the plot is considered to be an excellent choice. It yields perfection in every field.

Plot facing west is recommended for those who provide supporting services to the society. Plot or a land should always be higher in the south,southwest or the west direction.

Plot facing east is recommended for scholars, philosophers, priests, professors, teacher’s etc. An east facing one-sided open plot is excellent and keeps the occupants free from diseases.

Plot facing towards north is recommended for those in power, administration and government employees. A north facing two-sided open plot is considered excellent for a peaceful living.
Occupants experience an all round development.

Plot facing towards south is good for business class. South facing plot with ways on two sides i.e. south and east, is considered good for the occupants. However, It is not recommended to buy a one side opened plot, facing south as it is assumed to be a path of Yama (the deity of death).