Vastu Shastra Remedies - Vastu Remedies for Home

Vaastu Shastra can be defined as the Indian system of architecture and design for buildings. This technique is a blend of both art and science. Each direction and sectors of a house are assigned to different gods and guardians. According to the belief, a building is constructed as per the directions mentioned in the Vaastu shastra lead to complete harmony and bring in prosperity, good thought and sound health to the inhabitants.

In this webcast, we’ll discuss some remedies of Vastu that will help you to bring back prosperity and happiness in life.

Ideal Vastu directions for Home

Southwest side is the ideal position to construct a bedroom. A room in the south is able to give maximum comfort to the inhabitant.

Children room should be in the north-west or west side of the building. These directions help in developing better concentration in children. South-east is an ideal position for a Kitchen. It is the residing place of God of Fire that ensures favorable health of the family.

East is an ideal place to construct a bathroom. Avoid having a bathroom in the center or south-west corner of the house. Drawing rooms can be in the north-east, north or eastern side of the room.

Vastu and Colors

The colour scheme to paint a wall is most of the time chosen according to the direction towards which the building/room faces. Each direction has been associated with a particular colour, which is actually the colour of the planet governing the direction. Pink is the ideal colour for a master bedroom. However, light green and light shades of blue can also be used in bedrooms.

Green colour in Kid’s bedroom is considered to be ideal as it develops concentration power of children. Blue colour can also be used if the child is very aggressive since blue colour generates calm and peace.

Pleasant colours such as yellow, blue, green and beige are best colors for the living room. It is a place of entertainment so it should be lively and conducive for pleasant conversations.

White is the most preferable colour for kitchen. Light shades and most importantly white help to brighten up the kitchen and enable us to see better while cutting and cooking.

Subtle and deep shades of blue, violet, green, yellow are the ideal colours for pooja room. These colours encourages deep concentration and inspire intellectual clarity.

Vastu and Flooring

It is important to select a good quality of floor material. It can be finalized by choosing a material that consist all the five great elements, energy and energy matter equation as applied to sub directions.

The flooring pattern must be selected in such a manner that the Pranic and Jaivic energy flow from the floor is able to create positive energy for vastu.

White marble is ideal for flooring of a north-east zone of a building. It enhances the source of positive energy as it reflects the sunlight. Also white color is the color of water element and north-east zone requires the qualities of water element.

Agra red stone or any other pink colored stone must be preferred while choosing the flooring material for South-east zone . These kind of stones provide the necessary load to compensate the energy sink. Moreover, red colour represents the fire elements and thus satisfies the requirement of this zone.

Kota or blue tandoor stone is suitable for North-west zone. Since blue color represents 'air element, such stones match the qualitative requirements of this zone.

Yellow colored stone such as yellow jaisalmer is most suitable for South-west zone. Yellow coloured stone represent the element of earth and hence orients the heaviness towards this zone. It is required to compensate the sink-sink combination of south-west zone of the house.

Vastu Remedies To Correct Defects

Every Vaastu Dosha can be corrected by a remedy and if taken properly, the happiness and peace comes back in the life again. A statue of Panchmukhi lord Hanuman can be placed facing towards south-west to the boring-tube, if the bore-well of your building or house has been placed in the wrong direction.

A naked wall facing the entrance is a sign of loneliness and the best way to conceal it would be with the statue or a picture of lord Ganesha.

In case a high voltage overhead wire passes over the house, place a plastic pipe filled with lime from one corner of the house to the other in such a manner that both the ends remain outside by at least three feet each. This would eliminate the evil effects of energy, being generated out of the overhead wire.

The energy circles of the house can be enhanced by using Swastika Yantra. It should be done under the supervision of some Vaastu expert as it requires a lot of care.

A toilet constructed on the eastern corner at the 'Ishan' angle causes diseases to the inhabitants. Thus, a toilet must be constructed mainly towards south or west. A person should be facing north or west, while sitting on the water closet.

Keeping a pyramid in the center portion of the house or in any strategic location is an effective way of curbing all the vastu defects of a house or a building. It balances the electromagnetic field of the human aura and thereby harmonizing mind, body, spirit and environment.