Vastu Shastra For Commercial Buildings - Part 1

A business is identified by its name and reputation in the market. Goodwill in the industry or market can be earned by proper construction of office space. Vaastu based orientation and directional method can help you to achieve your business goals and success.

Vaastu principles for commercial places are based on the deep study of various factors, which include the location exterior, shape of the plot, seating position of the owner and the employees, direction for the entrance, etc. In this webcast, we will discuss some principles and related remedies of Vastu Shastra for commercial places.

Vastu Tips For Factory

According to the principles of Vaastu shastra, a plot for a factory should ideally be in east, north or north-eastern direction. These directions are most suitable for making profits in a business or making more profits in long-run. Plot should be highest in south-west and lowest in north-east zones i.e boundary walls in southern and western zones should be taller than the walls in northern and eastern zones.

The entrance gate or door of a factory must be in the eastern direction. The main gate of the factory should be huge with two shutters.

Electrical equipments such as meters, generators, boilers etc must be located in the south-east direction for their smooth functioning. Big heavy machineries should be installed on the southern and western side of the plant area. However, avoid putting the machinery in the central, north-eastern or north-western zones.

Toilets, bathrooms must be placed in south, east or north west direction of the factory. The owner’s office or workplace for management should be constructed in the eastern or northern portion of the building.

The owner must sit facing north during all kinds of dealing and discussions. Canteen or pantry should be constructed in the south-east corner of the plot.

Vastu Tips For Financial Institutions

North or east is the ideal location for constructing a bank. An east facing building is considered to be the best in matters of monetary flow.

The entrance of the bank should be in the east, north-east or north direction. It should be free from any obstacle. Avoid any obstruction in the main door of the bank.

A manager’s cabinet should be made in the southeast corner of the bank. The manager must face north direction while sitting or dealing with the client. It brings in opportunities and good luck in business.

Cash counter of the bank should be placed in the north direction and the cashier must sit in the east or north-east direction. It is always advised to construct cash counters with wooden material.

The main cash room in the bank where all the cash is accumulated must be constructed in the south or southwest direction of the building. The door of the cash room must open towards north to enhance the money flow.

Vastu Tips For Office

Office is primarily used to conduct business activities and get good profits. Vastu for office construction determines the efficiency of the work which is based upon office seating and furniture arrangement.

Always choose a square or rectangular plot for the office. It should not be close to a graveyard, hospital or a temple.

The seating arrangement for managers, executives, and directors must be located in south, west and south-western direction of the office building. Eastern and northern zones are best for seating the middle level employees. Accounts department should be ideally set in the south-eastern direction.

Make sure you keep the central portion of the office empty. The center belong to Brahmasthan which should be free from all kind of obstacles.

A bore-well or fixing tank in the south should be avoided. It affects the owner’s financial status with less and insufficient cash flow. However, they can be placed in north-east or eastern zone, preferably between mid-east and north east.

In order to attract opportunities and financial gains you should place the idols of deities on the eastern portion of the building.

Light and auxiliary machines, work equipments and tools should be placed in eastern and northern sides. Do not put either of the things in the North-east, north- west and south- east directions.

Vastu Remedial Tips For Shops

Adopting Vastu guidance to construct shops is believed to bring success, overall peace and economic growth to the owner of the shop.

Owner of the shop must ideally sit in the south or west facing east or northern direction. South and western directions are not recommended as they are considered to be the source of trouble and loss.

Plot or site of the shop must be of a regular shape such as a rectangle or a square. Square and rectangular shaped plots are considered to be highly auspicious both for residential and commercial construction. Any irregularity or extension from wrong direction can bring bad luck and losses in business.

Entrance of shop should be in east or north-east direction. Both the directions will allow constant flow of light throughout the day.

Cash counter must be installed in a way that it opens towards north. Locker or cash room should be constructed in south-western corner of the plot.

Doors should open inside the room towards right. It is essential to grease the doors and windows to avoid the noise from doors. It is advised to place small shrubs or plants at the entrance to enhance the flow of positivity.

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