Sun's bad effects in Different Houses

In Vedic astrology, every planet has the ability to give both auspicious and inauspicious results. Results of a planet vary according to its position and state in your Kundali. The state of a planet determines if the planet is weak or not.

In this webcast, we will talk about Sun’s bad effects in different houses. Sun will give inauspicious results in these houses when its in a bad state.

Sun’s Effects in First and Second House

First of all, let us talk about Sun’s position in first and second house of your Kundali. If weak or inauspicious Sun is in the first house of your Kundali, you will have to face a lot of obstacles in life.

In this condition, you may not have much hair on your scalp. In fact, you may also suffer from bone-related problems. You are aggressive in life and may suffer from tuberculosis. On the other hand, Sun’s position in second house is considered to be inauspicious for your life partner and mother.

The second house is also analysed for family and wealth. When Sun is in second house, you may be separated from your family. This position is also not auspicious for financial matters. You may suffer from diseases related to rectum or colon.

Sun’s Results in Third and Fourth House

In this slide, we will talk about Sun’s position in third and fourth house. If Sun is in third house, it may be inauspicious for your maternal uncle.

You may have communication problems with your neighbors. Hence, your relationships with them may be sour. You may have a bad character. You may also be addicted to illicit substances. Sun in third house also makes you afraid of thefts or robberies.

When Sun is in fourth house, you may be detached from your mother. You are unable to quit bad addictions. You don’t have good relations with your in-laws. If you are too greedy in life, you may lose all your possessions.

Sun’s Bad Effects in Fifth and Sixth House

Let us talk about Sun’s position in fifth and sixth house. When Sun is in fifth house, you may not receive good education.

Fifth house is also used to analyse matters related to children. Due to Sun’s presence in this house, you may experience some problems in conceiving a child. You may also be detached from your children due to some reasons.

With Sun in fifth house, you are more likely to succeed in life after you have been blessed with a son. However, this notion may be a bit awkward in our modern lifestyle. These days, people just want a couple of children.

When Sun is in sixth house, it may have a bad effect on your health. You may also experience high blood pressure. You may have arguments with your maternal grandparents. Sun in sixth house may also affect their health.

Sun’s Position in Seventh and Eighth House

In this slide, we will talk about Sun’s position in seventh and eighth house. Sun’s position in seventh house may separate you from your partner.

With this position of the Sun, your own health may be affected. You may suffer from leucoderma, tuberculosis or any other disease which may be difficult to diagnose.

You may spend money extravagantly. Unfortunately, your family will have to make up for these expenses. You may even experience financial problems.

When Sun is in eighth house, it may have a very bad effect on your health. If you have extramarital affairs, they may cause problems in different areas of your life.

Sun’s Effects in Ninth and Tenth House

Now, let us talk about Sun’s position in ninth and tenth house. When an inauspicious Sun is in ninth house, you may feel detached from your father.

Ninth house is a strong trine house. Due to an inauspicious Sun in ninth house, you are disinterested in matters related to religion.

When Sun is in tenth house, your domestic peace may be disrupted. You may even be indecisive in matters related to business. Sun’s inauspicious position in tenth house also causes knee problems.

Sun’s Results in Eleventh and Twelfth House

Before we conclude, let us talk about Sun’s position in eleventh and twelfth house. An inauspicious Sun in eleventh house affects your longevity.

It also has a bad impact on your income, home and respect. When Sun is in twelfth house, your thinking abilities are reduced. In other words, you may not have clear thoughts.

Sun’s presence in twelfth house may also cause sleeping disorders. Thus, you are unable to sleep properly. Sun in twelfth house may cause an ailment related to your left eye.