Impatience Line, Axe Line and Stress Line in Palmistry

In our previous webcasts, we have already discussed a lot of things about various lines on your palms. In this webcast, we will talk about Impatience line, Axe line and Stress line. Impatience line is associated with your ability to work hard. On the other hand, Axe line can either be auspicious or inauspicious. As the name suggests, Stress line is related to various tensions and stress in your life.

Analysis of Axe Line

In the beginning of this webcast, we will talk about Axe line. A line adjacent to a primary line in your palm is called an axe line. An axe line minimizes auspicious results related to the particular primary line adjacent to it. For instance, if an axe line is adjacent to the Saturn line, it will minimize auspicious results related to your fortune or luck.

On the other hand, if an axe line is adjacent to an inauspicious line, it minimizes Doshas related to this particular line.

If a line moves at a distance from a primary line, it is not called an axe line. Instead, it is called a parallel line. A parallel line maximizes auspicious results and minimizes Doshas related to that particular line.

Analysis of Impatience Line or Vaya Lasiva Line

In this slide, we will talk about impatience line and vaya lasiva line. A line present between Moon mount and Venus mount is called impatience line. This line originates from Venus mount and reaches Moon mount. If this line is adjacent to Mercury line, it is called vaya lasiva line.

If an impatience line or vaya lasiva line is present in a heavy and strong hand, the person may be very hardworking in life. If one of these lines is present in a soft and lean hand, the person may be addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Analysis of Stress Line

Before we conclude this webcast, let us talk about stress lines. Stress lines in your palm are also called Rahu lines. Stress lines are the ones that originate from an aggressive Mars mount and move ahead while intersecting Life line, Saturn line and Brain line. These lines represent all the massive worries in your life.

If your stress line stops at the primary line, your worries or tensions are not intense. They are over petty issues and get resolved quickly. At times, these worries may turn out to be auspicious. If your stress line reaches Jupiter mount, it helps you build a reputation.

Similarly, if a stress line reaches your Saturn mount, it provides a lot of wealth. On the other hand, a stress line reaching your Sun mount makes you famous. A stress line reaching Mercury mount either provides success in business activities or makes you a scientist.

Most of your worries may be caused by your own family members if stress lines originate from Venus mount and reach Life line and Saturn line. If there are no lines on your aggressive Mars mount and Venus mount, you may feel detached from your family members.