Auspicious and Inauspicious Signs in Palmistry

In this webcast, we will talk about certain auspicious and inauspicious signs in palmistry which indicate if you would have good qualities or not. In order to analyse your good qualities, it is important to study Jupiter and Sun mounts. This is because Sun and Jupiter are natural significators of energy and knowledge respectively.

Signs of Good Qualities in Palmistry

First of all, let us discuss some signs related to your good qualities. You will possess many good qualities if Jupiter and Sun mounts are well-developed in your palm.

Even if you get involved in unethical activities, you try to make something good out of it. In other words, you always find something good in even the worst situations.

If you have round nails, you never betray your friends. In fact, you fulfill all your responsibilities as a friend.Similarly, if your nails are pink and shiny, you have a pure heart.

You are generous and gentle person if the lines in your palm are thin and don’t suffer from any Dosha. You love everyone around you. You have a pure heart if your fingers incline outwards when you spread your hand and they are straight and long.

If the skin of your palm is flexible and pink, you possess good qualities. If the complexion of your hand is wheatish or dark, it will give the same result as pink color.

If both heart line and brain line have branches which don’t touch each other and move along at some distance, you will have many good qualities. If your Mars line is thin and have some distance from life line, you have a good heart.

You also possess good qualities if a cross or jupiter ring is visible on your Jupiter mount. The same is true if Jupiter mount in your palm consists of curvy lines.

Yogas related to Disgrace in Palmistry

Now, let us talk about some indications which show that you may possess bad qualities. In other words, we will talk about some Yogas related to disgrace. Mercury is considered to be the Karak planet for intelligence. It is also the Karak planet for arguments. If Mercury mount is highly developed and your little finger is curvy, thick or longer than usual, you may be cunning in life.

If you have these signs in your palm, you are more likely to get involved in unethical activities. This is because your mind is never at rest. You keep thinking about one unethical plan or another. If your heart line is not visible or if it is too short, you may possess some bad qualities.

You may be disgraced if your Mercury line is wavy or a symbol of star or web is visible on Mercury mount. Similarly, you may also be disgraced if your index finger is shorter than usual, Jupiter mount is suppressed and brain line suffers from a dosha.

On the other hand, you may be disgraced in old age if your Saturn line enters the third phalange of your middle finger. You may be addicted to drugs or alcohol if your palm is thin and fleshy and a branch of Mars line touches Moon mount.