Analysis of Family Responsibilities through Palmistry

A skilled palmist can use palmistry to tell a lot about your personality, character and overall life. Almost every aspect of your life can be studied through palmistry. In this webcast, we will use palmistry to determine if you will be able to manage your family responsibilities or not.

Analysis of Saturn Line

In our discussion, we will first talk about Saturn line. In the period of your life when Saturn line separates from life line and enters Saturn’s region, you get complete freedom from your responsibilities towards your family. This also means that if you live in a joint family, you may separate yourself during this period.

If this condition has to be true, it is necessary that your Saturn line originates from Venus mount and intersects the life line before entering Saturn’s region.

If this condition is visible in a woman’s palm, she sacrifices her happiness for the welfare of her family. If a woman’s palm contains other negative signs too, there may be chances of her demoralization.

Analysis of Brain Line

Let us discuss Brain line to analyse your family responsibilities. If your Brain line and Life line originate together and extend further with each other, you have to manage family responsibilities for a long time.

You get some freedom from your family responsibilities when these lines part ways with each other. If the brain line and life line originate from two different points, you always stay free from your family responsibilities.

Analysis of Life Line

Before we conclude this webcast, let us talk about your life line. If your life line touches an island on Saturn line, your family situation is not very good during that period. If your life line is close to Saturn line, you will be burdened with many family responsibilities.

Besides this condition being true, if your Saturn line is thicker than usual, this dosha gets worse. In other words, you are burdened with even more responsibilities in life.