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Jyotish Yogas - Shankh Yoga, Mahabhagya Yoga, Sanyas Yoga, and Gauri Yoga

Impact and formation of Shankh Yoga

Shankh yoga is formed when the Lord of the ascendant is strong. It is also necessary that the Lords of the fifth and sixth house are in center from each other.

There is one more way in which Shankh yoga is formed. It is formed when the Lord of the ninth house is strong and the Lord of the ascendant and tenth house are in stable signs.

You may be wealthy and have a long life if you are born in Shankh yoga. You may even have a loving wife and obedient children.

With the presence of Shankh yoga, you are always involved with donations and charities. You may even be very intelligent.

The source of your income may be from abroad. It is also possible that you might be working abroad and away from home.

Effects and formation of Mahabhagya Yoga

Mahabhagya yoga is formed differently in the Kundalis of a man and woman. There are two different conditions for the formation of this yoga in a man or woman’s kundali.

For a man’s Kundali, it is necessary that the person is born in day time. It is also necessary that the ascendant, Moon and Sun are in Visham signs. The Visham signs are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

In the same way, for the formation of Mahabhagya yoga in a woman’s kundali, it is necessary that she is born in night time. It is also necessary that the ascendant, Moon and Sun are in Sam signs. The Sam signs are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.

Being born in Mahabhagya yoga, you are usually beautiful and fortunate. You may even live your life like a king.

With the presence of Mahabhagya yoga, you may be soft hearted and open minded. You may be the owner of a lot of land and property.

Mahabhagya yoga was formed in the Kundalis of Morarji Desai and Indira Gandhi. The effects of this yoga could be clearly noted in their lives.

Formation of Sanyas yoga and its impact

Sanyas yoga is also known as Pravajya yoga.

It is formed when four or more planets are together in a house and none of them is weak or malefic.

Sanyas yoga is also formed when the Lord of the tenth house along with four or more planets is in the same sign.

It is auspicious if Sanyas yoga is formed in a center or triad house.

If Sanyas yoga is formed in a house other than center or triad houses, it may result in a controversial life. For example, five planets in the eighth house form Sanyas yoga in Osho Rajnish’s kundali. Therefore, he has always been involved in controversies.

A person born in Sanyas yoga detaches himself from the society.

Formation of Gauri yoga and its effects

Gauri yoga is formed when Moon, Taurus and Cancer are in a center or triad house from the ascendant. It is also necessary that these are being aspected by Jupiter.

You may be as beautiful as a lotus flower if you are born in Gauri yoga.

You may even be famous and possess a lot of positive qualities.

With the presence of Gauri yoga, you may be friends with the King or a minister.

Impact and formation of Parvat Yoga

Parvat yoga is formed when the seventh and eighth house of the Kundali are vacant.

If any planets are present in the seventh or eighth house, they should be auspicious.

Parvat yoga is also formed when all the auspicious planets are in the center house.

You may become the Chief minister of a state if this yoga is formed in your kundali.

You may even become a comic writer.

With the presence of this Yoga, you may become a good orator or principal of school. You will be filled with energy and will have knowledge about the shastras.


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