Saturn Dhaiya - Impacts of Saturn Dhaiya

What do you mean by Saturn’s Dhaiyya ?

All of us have heard many stories about planets. Each planet has a different story related to it. In the same way, there is a story related to Saturn too. According to this story, Lord Shiva assigned different works to his disciples. He asked Saturn to punish the people who were sinners. Saturn has the power to turn a king into a beggar and a beggar into a king. Even Raja Harishchandra, Raja Ram and Pandavas could not save themselves from the effect of Saturn. All of them faced difficult situations in life. Since then, people dread the name of lord Saturn.

Saturn is the slowest moving planet among all the nine planets. Saturn stays in one sign for two and a half years. When Saturn is in the fourth or the eighth house from a Moonsign, the person is under Saturn’s Dhaiyya.

What is the Dhaiyya transit ?

Dhaiya of Saturn runs when Saturn is in 4th or 8th house from a Moon sign. You can easily understand it if you know your Moonsign. Let us assume that your Moon sign is Cancer. Libra is the fourth sign from Cancer. Hence, Saturn’s Dhaiyya will start for people belonging to Cancer sign when Saturn enters Libra.

Saturn’s Dhaiyya runs simultaneously for two signs. The Dhaiya of Saturn also begins when Saturn enters from a Moon sign into the eighth house. This period is also known as Ashtam Shani.

In some parts of India, the period of two and a half years is also known as Laghukalyani.

Effect of Saturn’s Dhaiyya

Saturn’s Dhaiya has both good and bad effects. But, Saturn’s Dhaiyya does not always gives ill-effects.

Let us assume your Moon sign to be ascendant. Then, Saturn will transit into the fourth house from the Moon sign. The fourth house can be related to mother, conveyance, house and land. We may face difficulties related to all these things in the transit of Saturn. Saturn aspects sixth house from the fourth house. Due to this, our direct and indirect enemies may have an upper hand during this period. Saturn’s seventh aspect falls on house of profession from the fourth house. Due to this, you may even face ups and down in business. Saturn’s tenth aspect falls on the ascendant during this period. Hence, you may face stress and mental pressure during this period.

We will now tell you about Saturn’s transit into the eighth house. Saturn’s transit in eighth house from a Moon sign is considered inauspicious. Eighth house can be related to sudden incidents. When Saturn transits your moon sign from this house, its third aspect is on the house of profession. You may face hurdles in business because of this. Saturn’s third aspect deviates you from your path. You may even think about changing your business. Saturn’s seventh aspect falls on second house or the house of family when it is present in the eighth house. During this period, you may face problems in your family. You may become rude and may lose your wealth. The tenth aspect of Saturn on fifth house may create problems related to your children. If you are a student, you may face problems in your education.

So far, we have talked about the ill-effects of Saturn’s Dhaiya. But, it is not necessary that it will give bad results always. If Saturn is the lord of an auspicious house or is forming auspicious Yogas, then it will not create any troubles for you. Instead, you will achieve great heights and honour in your life because of it.

Remedies for Saturn’s Dhaiyya

Let us now go through some important remedies for Saturn’s Dhaiya. Recite any mantra of Saturn 23 thousand times if Saturn is the lord of inauspicious houses. You should also perform a Dashansh Havan once you have finished reciting the mantra. If you are unable to recite the mantra 23 thousand times, then you can recite these two mantras 108 times in evening. You should begin reciting these mantras from the Saturday of Shukla Paksha.

In addition to this, you can begin a Shani Stotra Path from the Saturday of Shukla Paksha. You will get mental peace by doing this. You can even light a lamp of mustard oil below a Pipal tree on every Saturday in the evening. But always remember that oil and the lamp should be taken to the tree from your home. Do not buy oil or a lamp on Saturday. You should recite Hanuman Chalisa every Saturday during the period Saturn’s Dhaiyya. This will give you relief from the problems related to Saturn.

If you are unable to do any of these things, you should observe fast on Saturdays. You can observe fast for 21 or 51 Saturdays. You should read or listen to Shani Katha in evening. Then, you should eat khichdi made of Urad dal. You should perform Udyapan once your fasts are completed and should donate food cooked in oil along with Urad dal and leather shoes on the last fast.