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Lal kitab remedies for unlucky Sun - Ashubh Surya ke upay

Signs of inauspicious Sun according to Laal Kitaab

Sun as a planet has been given a special significance in vedic astrology. It is considered to be the king of all planets in Vedic astrology and lord of all planets in Laal Kitaab. Sun possess all the good qualities and is believed to be stable in nature. It is a dominating planet. People infliuenced by Sun are highly aggressive, intense and possess great self-respect. It gives determination, willpower and makes the person visionary.

A weak Sun in a horoscope makes the person egoistic and aggressive. Such a person loses his temper in small issues. An inauspicious Sun also makes the person harsh, and the person is not able to understand and feel the sentiments of others. An inauspicious Sun causes weakness, mental disturbance, heart problems and eye disorders. According to Laal Kitaab, a strong Sun provides royalty and high position in the society. In this webcast we will discuss about the signs of an inauspicious Sun and its remedies.

Signs of inauspicious Sun according to Laal Kitaab

The body parts of a person become loose and limping due to an inauspicious Sun leaving the body weak and tired. This prevents the body parts from functioning properly.

An afflicted or weak Sun causes consistent flow of saliva from a person’s mouth, which is hard to stop.

Heart related diseases are faced due to a weak Sun and causes frequent heart attacks.

Sun is considered to be the Karak of bones. Therefore, a weak or an inauspicious Sun causes ailments related to bones, making them weak.

A person with an inauspicious Sun suffers from eye disorders such as blurred vision, cataract etc.

An inauspicious Sun may cause paralysis, which leads to other diseases and sufferings.

The native with an inauspicious Sun might have had a miserable and disease-ridden childhood.

The unfavourable effects of the sun might trap a person in illegal activities. You may have to deal with stealing or punishment.

Obstacles in government related tasks may be brought about by the inauspicious effects of the Sun. One has to put in several efforts to get his work done through government officials of high posts.

A person may develop certain illusions or doubts due to the effect of an inauspicious Sun.

An inauspicious Sun might be the cause of disputes in a relationship between father and son. Native may be devoid of his father’s pleasure.

Remedies to turn inauspicious Sun into auspicious one

Benefits of Sun can be gained by setting jaggery afloat in water for 40-43 days. Do not leave it in still waters.

To receive auspicious results from the Sun, items related to it such as wheat, jaggery and copper should be donated every Sunday.

Feeding wheat to red ants every day can help you get rid of the signs of an unfavourable Sun.

To pacify the ill-effects of an inauspicious Sun one should donate articles related to the moon such as silver, rice, white clothes etc.

Consistent chanting of Gayatri Mantra is highly beneficial to make the Sun favourable. The positive energy emitted by chanting this mantra will help you in increasing the auspicious effects of Sun.

Sleep with moon items beside your pillow and donate them in the morning to reduce the negative effects of an inauspicious Sun.

Serving a black cow gives good results and benefits of an auspicious Sun.

To reduce the ill-effects of an inauspicious Sun, avoid taking anything for free.

Protection against the effects of a weak and inauspicious Sun can be provided by reciting Aditya Hridya Strota.

As a remedy for a weak Sun, set afloat a copper coin in a flowing river. This will also help in gaining benefits and reducing the effects of an inauspicious Sun.

One should follow their religion with complete dedication and keep performing remedies to get rid


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