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Transit of Mercury and your kundali

All the planets have different effects during their transits. Some give auspicious results while others turn out to be inauspicious. This time, we will talk about Mercury’s transit in various houses. We will also discuss the effects of Mercury’s transit on our lives and the results provided by it.

Duration of Mercury’s stay in a Sign and Nakshatra

Before we proceed to Mercury’s transit, we will give you some general information about Mercury. Mercury stays in one sign for 28 days. This duration increases if Mercury is in a retrograde state.

It takes 8 to 9 days for Mercury to pass through one Nakshatra.

One Nakshatra comprises of four stages. Mercury passes through each stage in 3 days and 8 hours.

Mercury always stays close to the Sun. Therefore, it either stays in a house with the Sun or stays in a house adjacent to it.

Mercury is retrograde as soon as it is 14 degrees away from the Sun. It stays the same way till it is 20 degrees away.

On being 17 to 20 degrees away from the Sun, Mercury becomes directional.

Mercury stays retrograde for 24 days. Mercury is stationary for when day when it becomes directional from being retrograde. This state of Mercury is considered to be inauspicious.

Impact of Mercury’s transit in the birth Moon, first and the second house

It is possible that you may be involved in snitching and gossiping when Mercury transits through the ascendant. You may waste your time in tale telling and talking about others behind their back.

You may get into petty disputes because of your wrong choice of words. These disputes may result in loss of wealth. You may even lose respect in the society and be fearful of bondings. These bonds may be of any sort.

Mercury’s transit through the second house gives auspicious results. You enhance your oration qualities and you are able to earn money and acquire wealth out of them.

You even gain money from your close ones or relatives. You receive all the material desires during this period which ultimately lead to satisfaction. There are also chances that you may excel in studies and matters related to education.

Mercury’s transit through the third house results in disputes or disagreements with friends and family members. It may also lead to loss of wealth.

You are fearful of certain things during this period which make you restless. You are also prone to negative thoughts. But, one good thing about this transit is that there is an increase in the number of your friends.

Effects of Mercury’s transit through the fourth, fifth and sixth house

A person receives total support from his mother when Mercury transits through the fourth house. He receives all the happiness from his mother’s side.

You also tend to be friends with influential people during this time. This helps you in accomplishing all the difficult tasks with their help and support. You also stay happy with your domestic life during this period.

Mercury’s transit through the fifth house may be a reason for some sort of mental stress or tensions.

You may even face some financial troubles. Your creditors may bother you a lot during the time of this transit. You may also get into disputes or disagreements with your partner or children. Your plans may not succeed or give desired results.

Mercury's transit through the sixth house gives you the ability to easily defeat your enemies. If you are involved in a court case during this period, chances are that you will win it.

You receive all the material desires along with respect and status in the society.

Results of Mercury’s transit through the seventh, eighth and ninth house

Mercury’s transit through the seventh house may result in some physical problems or ailments. You may also be stressed about some issues and should try to find solutions to such problems.

During this period, there may be some losses in business and you may have to face troubles due to this. You may be involved in court cases and could be fearful of the Government.

Mercury’s transit through the eighth house results in profits in business which lead to an increase in wealth.

You also achieve a high status in society. During this transit, you are easily able to defeat your enemies and all your tasks are successfully accomplished.

A person faces a lot of obstacles when Mercury transits through the ninth house. He may even lose respect in the society.

Problems are also faced when the person is travelling or on a journey.

Impact of Mercury’s transit through the tenth, eleventh and twelfth house

Mercury’s transit through the tenth house results in profits in business. You are easily able to defeat your enemies.

People with jobs may be promoted. You are interested in public service and gain respect in the society.

During this transit, you are satisfied with both business and domestic situations. You have your peace of mind during this period.

Mercury’s transit through the eleventh house results in an interest in auspicious works. There are chances of childbirth. Ill people start showing some improvement in their health. You also acquire fame and respect in the society.

A person may face some obstacles due to petty fights and disputes with others. You may even lose your appetite during this period.

There are chances that you may fall ill or get into arguments with close ones. There may also be some obstacles in your education.

You should take a bath from Mercury’s medicine in order to minimize the inauspicious results of Mercury. Mercury’s medicine comprises of rice, fruits, honey, pearl, gold, white mustard, amla, jaifal, gorochan and harade. This bath should be taken on a Wednesday or in the presence of Mercury’s Nakshatra, i.e, Aashlesha, Jyeshtha or Rewati.

You should this medicine in water one night prior to taking a bath. This mix should be filtered in the morning and some more water should be added before taking a bath.


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