Medical Astrology - How Vedic Jyotish can help detect and treat ailments

Astrology is divided into many branches. One such branch is Medical astrology. Medical astrology helps in getting knowledge of present medical problems and also the mental and physical problems that one may face in future.

We often face strange situations in our lives. A person may have an accident or can get badly hurt. Sometimes, even doctors are not able to find the cause of a disease. A skilled astrologer can help in such situations.

We can know about future accidents and diseases with the help of Medical astrology on the basis of Houses, Nakshatras, Dashas and other astrological calculations.

Combinations for Health

We all take birth with specific Yogas. Some Yogas are auspicious while others are inauspicious. Our health is affected when the inauspicious Yogas related to health are running and the transit is inauspicious. Otherwise, our health is not affected.

The ascendant and lord of ascendant should be strong for a good health. You will also remain healthy when they are not forming any relationship with an inauspicious house. The placement of retrograde planets in ascendant is never considered auspicious. The retrograde planets will not be of any help for your health. Often, we observe bad health in an individual in spite of a strong Kundali. If we study this Kundali carefully, we will find that the ascendant or Moon is present in Gandant.

Many times, the ascendant or the lord of ascendant are present in Pash Dreshkan or Sarp Dreshkan. This can be a reason for bad health. When ascendant or the lord of ascendant are forming a relationship with 22nd Dreshkan or 64th Navansh, you might face troubles related to health.

Role of Planets in Health

All the nine planets are significant for health. Every planet is associated with a different health problem.

If Sun is weak in your Kundali, you may suffer from headaches and troubles related to heart, eyes, bile and bones.

An afflicted Moon may result in problems related to the mind. You may get irritated frequently.

A weak Mars may makes the person a coward. It also causes surgeries or accidents. Mars is also related with problems like burns, cuts, bile, loss of blood, indigestion, acidity, head injury, abortion and piles.

Let us now talk about Mercury. Mercury is the Karaka planet for intelligence. A weak Mercury results in less intelligence. Mercury can also be related to problems with voice, skin and neck.

When Jupiter is weak in a Kundali, the amount of fat in the body increases. It can also be associated with the problems related with liver, jaundice, diabetes, cancer etc.

Let’s move on to Venus. Venus is the Karaka planet for face, eye sight, urine, kidneys, arthritis, cataract, appendix and uterus.

Saturn is the Karaka planet for long term ailments. Hence, a weak Saturn causes chronic ailments like arthritis, dental problems, skin problems, problems in legs, paralysis, swelling in the feet, stress and surgeries.

The next planet is Rahu. Rahu is the Karaka planet of phobias. Rahu is responsible for a confused state of mind. It also causes troubles related to poisoning and incurable diseases.

In the end, let us discuss Ketu. Ketu can be associated with surgeries. It can also be connected to chickenpox and stammering.

How to maintain a Good Health

A strong kundali is a sign of good health. To check whether a kundali is strong, see the ascendant, the lord of ascendant, moon sign and the lord of moon sign. They should not be in a relationship with an inauspicious house.

Also, see whether the Dasha running in the Kundali of a person is auspicious or not. If all the Yogas related to health are auspicious in a Janam Kundali and still a person is not well, then we should analyse the Varga Kundalis related to health. The main Varga Kundalis are Navansh Kundali, Dreshkan Kundali, Dwadashansh Kundali and Trishansh Kundali.

The placement of the lord of the ascendant of the janm kundali is analysed in these Varga Kundalis. The strength of ascendant and the lord of ascendant is also studied. A person will face very less health problems when ascendant and the lord of the ascendant are placed strongly in Janam Kundali and in the Varga Kundalis.

If the ascendant or ascendant lord is weak in a couple of varga kundalis small ailments may affect one’s health. If they are weak in most of the Kundalis, health will be affected badly. If they are weak in all the Kundalis, the person will remain very unhealthy.

A specific portion of each sign is known as the ‘Mrityu Bhaag’. If a planet is at the Mrityu Bhaga or near the Mrityu Bhaga then the person may face health problems during the Dasha of that planet. Do not be afraid of the ‘Mrityu Bhaag’ because it will affect the health only when other inauspicious combinations are are also present.

Role of Astrological signs, Houses and Nakshatras

There are many other systems of astrology other than Vedic astrology. All the systems have their own characteristics. Many systems have given importance to the strength of signs. According to them, the fire element signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are best in preventing or recovering from diseases. But, these signs are prone to accidents. The earth element signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are considered less auspicious. The airy signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) are less inauspicious than earth element signs. Watery signs(Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) lack the power to fight against diseases.

All twelve houses have the ability to cause a disease in a person. One should not think that only sixth house can cause a disease. Every house in a Kundali is the lord of one part of body or the other. Hence, the afflicted state of a house can cause a disease in the organ related to that house.

Every Nakshatra is also related to some part of the body or the other like the way a planet is related to a specific part of a body. When these Nakshatras are afflicted in a specific Dasha or transit, the part related to that Nakshatra will be affected. Otherwise, it would not affect the health of a person.

Remedies to cure diseases

You should remember your ‘Isht Dev’ first whenever you fall ill or have an accident. You should also chant the mantras for the planet which has affected your health. This should be started from an auspicious day. You can also donate the things related to that planet or can observe a fast related to it.

You can recite ‘Om Namaha Shivaya’ and Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra. In case a person is very ill and cannot perform these remedies, a close friend or a relative can do these things on his behalf. In this case, a person should start reciting the Mantra with the name of the person for whom the Mantra is being recited.