Timing the marriage for best results as per vedic astrology

Timing of Marriage

Marriage is one of the most important events in a person’s life, that’s why nothing in the marriage is left to chance.The time of marriage is also to be selected properly to ensure that it is auspicious for the person. In this webcast we will try to provide you the information about auspicious timings of marriage.

Houses associated with marriage in a Kundali

The best time of marriage is calculated considering a lot of factors in a Kundali. The impact of Dasha of a house and transit are such important factors. The seventh house and the planets placed in it are usually associated with marriage.

In the same way, the second house being the house of family is associated with marriage. Hence, the planets placed in the second house are also responsible for marriage.

The fifth house is related to children and hence this house is also analyzed to know about prospects of marriage.

The ninth house is considered strongest in a Kundali. This house can be associated with any phase of life and hence even marriage.

The effect of malefic planets on the ascendant, seventh, eighth or second house in a Janma Kundali can cause a delay in marriage. On the other hand, if these houses are aspected by auspicious planets, a marriage takes place without any delay or hurdles.

Role of Navansh Kundali in marriage

Till now, we have studied the role of a Janma Kundali in a marriage. But, Navansh Kundali also plays an important role for a marriage without any delay or hurdles. The ascendant and the planets placed in a Navamash Kundali have an important role to play in this.

The lord of the ascendant tells us a lot about marriage.

3,4 - Along with this, the seventh house and the lord of the seventh house are also analyzed to find out more about the prospects of marriage. If these all are well aspected, there are no obstacles. Otherwise, there is a delay in marriage.

Role of Dasha in marriage

1, 2 -The Dasha in a Janma Kundali gives auspicious or inauspicious results in life. Marriage usually takes place during the Dasha of the planet placed in the seventh house. Marriage can also take place during the Dasha of the lord of seventh house.

The Dasha of the second house always results in a marriage.

Venus is considered the Karak of marriage. Therefore, the Dasha of Venus also favours marriage.

Rahu is also known as Byahu. Hence, the effect of Rahu on a Dasha also results in a peaceful marriage.

There are strong chances of marriage when the lord of a sign in which Ketu is present is forming a relationship with the seventh house or the lord of the seventh house.

Role of transits in marriage

Transits have equal importance as Dashas in a Kundali. These play an important role for an incident to take place. If Saturn and Jupiter simultaneously transit through the seventh house, there are strong chances of marriage.

The simultaneously transit of Saturn and Jupiter through the lord of the seventh house along with the presence of marriage related Dasha in a Janma Kundali indicates a marriage without delay and hurdles.

Marriage is also bound to happen in the presence of a marriage related Dasha along with the transit of Jupiter through the seventh house from the Moon.

Transit of Jupiter through “Vivah Saham’ in the Kundali also results in marriage.

Rahu’s Dasha usually results in a marriage, even when Rahu is not related to any house associated with marriage. Hence, if Rahu and Ketu are transiting through the 5th and 11th houses in a Navansh Kundali, there are strong chances of marriage.

The transit of Saturn and Jupiter through the houses associated with marriage is also considered important for a marriage to take place.