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Ketu in Vedic Astrology - It's influence on your horoscope, and remedies

In this webcast, we will talk about the importance of Ketu in Vedic astrology. We will also talk about issues related to Ketu and remedies for weak Ketu.

Importance of Ketu in Vedic astrology

According to an old legend, Hiranyakashyap’s daughter, Sinhika was married to Viprachiti. She gave birth to a demon named Swarbhanu. Swarbhanu wanted to become immortal like the Devas. He disguised himself as a Deva during the battle between the Devas and the demons. He then cheated them and drank the holy water(Amrit). Lord Vishnu recognized him and he cut Swarbhanu’s head off his body with his Chakra.

But, the holy water or Amrit reached Swarbhanu’s throat. Hence, the part with the head came to be known as Rahu while the other half was called Ketu. Ketu is known as the Karak planet of salvation because of this reason.

According to another story, Sinhika expressed a desire to have a son from her husband Maharishi Kashyap. Saint Kashyap was angry at this and cursed her with a son who looked like the lord of death. This son came to be known as Swardambhi.

Ketu is known by many different names like Dhwaj, Shikhi and Rahu Poonch.

Ketu is the Karak planet of many things

According to Vedic astrology, Ketu is considered the lord of south-west direction. It is also the Karak planet of electrical objects and Cat’s eye gemstone.

Along with this, Ketu is also the Karak planet of maternal grandparents, pain, obstacles, air and shadow. Ketu is also the Karaka of smoke-coloured objects.

Ketu is often associated with salvation. It is believed that a person attains salvation if Ketu is present in the twelfth house of a Kundali.

Ketu is also the Karak planet of foreign languages. A person usually learns foreign languages due to the influence of Ketu in the Kundali.

Ketu is also associated with the diseases related to stomach and issues related to worship of gods and goddesses. Ketu is considered to be a mysterious planet which creates obstacles. It is also the Karak planet of surgeries.

Ketu controls the auspicious and inauspicious effects of all the things associated with it. It will give results according to its placement in the Janma Kundali.

Impact of Ketu in a Janma Kundali

Each planet gives different results in different signs. If Ketu is in Pisces sign in your Kundali, then it is considered to be in its own sign or Swarashi. It is in its Mooltrikon sign, if it is in Capricorn.

Ketu will be exalted if it is in Scorpio and it is strongest in this position. Ketu is also exalted in Sagittarius sign.

Ketu is debilitated in Taurus sign. It is also debilitated when it is in Gemini sign. This condition of Ketu is exactly opposite to the exalted state. A debilitated Ketu makes a person feel helpless and detached.

Relationship of Ketu with other planets

According to Vedic astrology, planets are either friendly, enemy or neutral towards each other. The natural relationship of planets with each other is known as Naisargik Maitri.

There are some contradictory opinions in astrology regarding the natural friends and enemies of Ketu. Still, Ketu is considered friendly towards Mars since it is similar to Mars.

There are also similar arguments related to the planets which are neutral towards Ketu. According to some scholars, Jupiter and Mercury are considered to be neutral towards Ketu.

On the other hand some believe that Saturn, Sun, Moon and Rahu are enemies of Ketu.

Planets also have immediate friendship between them which is known as Tatkaalik Maitri. It depends on the position of planets in a Kundali. Ketu will be friendly to the planets which are present three houses ahead and three houses back from its original position in a Janma Kundali.

Apart from the naisargik and the tatkalik relationships, there is also the Panchadha maitri between the planets. The Panchadha Maitri is calculated by combining the effects of the Naisargik and the Tatkalik relationships. The planets which are friendly in both Naisargik and Tatkalik relationships will be friendly towards Ketu ultimately. Whereas, if a planet is a enemy of Ketu in Naisargik relationship and friendly in Tatkalik maitri, it would be neutral towards Ketu.

Auspicious and Inauspicious results of a transiting Ketu

In Vedic astrology, transits are analyzed by considering Moon to be the ascendant. If Ketu is transiting in the 3rd house, it will mostly give auspicious results and some inauspicious results. These may include acquiring a prominent position, getting respect, happiness due to increased wealth, pride and separation from brothers.

If Ketu is transiting in the 6th house, it would cure diseases and will provide you peace of mind and success in competition.

You will achieve success if a transiting Ketu is present in the 10th house. You may also get benefits from the government or get a government job during this period. Ketu’s transit in the 11th house will cure diseases and will bring financial benefits for you.

Inauspicious Result

Let us now discuss the inauspicious results of the transit of Ketu. If Ketu is transiting through the 1st house, you may feel irritated and tired. It may also result in an unexpected and a useless journey.

There may be troubles related to eyes, conflicts in the family and loss of wealth if Ketu is transiting through the 2nd house. The transit in the 4th house may cause stress. You may feel restless and helpless when Ketu is transiting through the 5th house.

In the 7th house, you may fall ill or may get disrespect. If a transiting Ketu is present in 8th house, you may face threats and other troubles from the government.

A person may be separated from his relatives if Ketu is transiting through the 9th house. The transit through the 12th house will increase the expenditure and conflicts with friends.

Remedies for a weak Ketu

You should recite the Beej Mantra seventeen thousand thousand times if Ketu is weak in your Janma Kundali or Varsha Kundali. You should also chant these Mantras when Ketu is the lord of an inauspicious house in your Kundali. The chant of these Mantras should be started from the Tuesday of Shukla Paksha at night.

Dashansh Havan should be performed once the chant is complete which means that 10% of the chant should be done during the Havan.

You can also chant one of the Mantra for 108 times. These Mantras should be recited at night. You can also strengthen Ketu by worshipping lord Ganesha or reading Aparajita Stotra.


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  • v surve on 29 April, 2013 09:58:23 AM
    i have ketu in 3rd house in lagna kundali.and my ketu dasha of 7 years has just started .i am facing lots of problems regarding finance ,relationship ,and job.i am staying in southwest facing house ,should i change my house ?

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