Gemstones - How gemstones can improve your life with Vedic astrology

Origin of Gemstones

There are many stories related to the origin of gemstones. We will hear some of them in this webcast. According to Agni Purana, origin of gemstones is related to the death of Vritrasur. A weapon made of sage Dadhichi’s bones was used to kill this demon. It is believed that while making this weapon some parts of his bones fell at different places on earth. Diamond mines were originated at these places.

According to another story, Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Vaman to kill the king of demons, Bali. He asked for a donation from him through which he acquired land, sky and the underworld(Patal Lok). When King Bali touched lord Vaman’s feet, his body turned into gemstones. The body of King Bali fell apart and various mines were formed with different parts of his body when Indra attacked him. It is believed that 84 gemstones originated from the body of king Bali.

A similar story is famous about Balasur. According to Garud Purana, Balasur defeated Indra in a battle. He was a demon but he was truthful and had a big heart. Indra asked him to donate his body for the Yagya of gods in the disguise of a Brahmana. His body turned to ashes from the fire of the Yagya. The mines of gemstones originated at the places where the parts of his body fell.

Let us talk about another famous story related to the origin of Gems. The Devatas and the Demons did Samudra Manthan together. A lot of things came out of the sea at this time. 14 types of Gems also came out of the sea. The Devatas and Demons fought for Amrit (holy water). Few drops of Amrit fell on earth during this conflict which became the mines of gemstones.

Reasons for wearing Gemstones

A lot of things come into our minds when we think of wearing a gemstone. The questions like which gemstone we should wear, would they would provide positive results or not etc come into our minds. You can wear a gemstone based on the placement of planets in your Kundali. For example, you can wear a gemstone related to the ascendant or the Lord of the ascendant if they are weak in your Kundali.

If the lord of the Trikon house is weak or an auspicious planet is not giving positive results, then you can wear the gem related to it. Wearing a gemstone strengthens the planet related to it and gives auspicious results.

It is not necessary that you know all your birth details. Sometimes, people are not sure about their time of birth. To make a Kundali in such a case is not useful. In such case, a person can wear a gemstone depending on the Karak planet of the trouble he is in. For example, if a person is facing problems in bearing a child, he can wear a gemstone related to Jupiter as it is the Karak planet for the birth of a child. In the same way, a person can wear a gemstone related to Venus if he is unable to get married.

Use and importance of substones as substitutes

You might not have seen all the gemstones related to the nine planets, but must have heard about them. Often, we are advised to wear a gemstone in order to strengthen the planets in our Kundalis. But, we avoid to wear it since they are expensive. In this case, we should wear a sub -stone. Sub-stones are beautiful and economical than gemstones. They can be worn by anyone. Sub-stones are considered to be as useful as gemstones in Vedic astrology.

One should test the authenticity of sub-stones before wearing them. A lot of fake sub-stones made of glass are available in the market these days. You may get inauspicious results on wearing these. There are a lot of good laboratories that ca n test the authenticity of these gemstones. You should properly test the authenticity of a gemstone or sub-stone before wearing them.

Precautions before wearing a Gemstone

Before wearing any Gemstone or a substone, you should analyze it to know whether it would give you an auspicious or an inauspicious result. You should keep it with you for 2-7 days before wearing it. You can keep it in your purse or beneath your bed while you are asleep. The Gemstone can be worn if you are able to sleep properly or if you are not facing any problems during this time.

You should make sure that the gemstone you are buying is not cracked or broken. Sometimes, cracks come in gemstones when they are being carved. You should never wear such a gemstone. You should also not wear a used or pre-worn gemstone. A gemstone absorbs all the bad traits of a person. Hence, a pre-worn gemstone might give you inauspicious results.

You should wear a gemstone or a sub-stone only after consulting a good astrologer. An astrologer will also tell you the time of wearing a particular gemstone. You should wear the gemstone at that particular time by following the suggested procedure. You should always wear a gemstone or a substone during Shukla Paksha. The gemstone should be washed with Panchamrit and a mantra associated to the respective gemstone should be recited 108 times before wearing it.

Important Gemstones and sub-stones related to different planets

Now, let us talk about gemstones related to various planets. Ruby is worn for Sun. Pearl strengthens Moon. Coral helps in strengthening Mars. If Mercury is not giving you auspicious results, you can wear Emerald. You can wear Yellow Sapphire in order to strengthen Jupiter. If Venus is weak in your Kundali, you can wear a Diamond. Blue Sapphire can be worn to strengthen Saturn. If you are facing problems because of Rahu, you should wear Hessonite. You should wear Cat’s eye if you are facing problems related to Ketu.

Sometimes, a person is unable to buy expensive gemstones. He should wear sub-stones in such a case. Ancient scriptures talk about 84 different kinds of substones. Some substones are significant individually. A sub-stone is suggested according to the need of a person. Sub-stones give excellent results when they are worn for health problems. This is because they are specific for some specific ailments.

Sometimes, wearing metals related to the respective planets also gives auspicious results. Donating these metals also strengthens the planet related to the metal.

Medicinal value of Gemstones

According to Ayurveda, gemstones are considered to possess excellent medicinal values. This science on the verge of extinction these days. But in some parts of In dia, gemstones are still used for curing diseases. Ashes or powdered form of gemstones are used for this purpose. All kinds of diseases can be cured with medicines made from gemstones.

The colors emitted by rays of a gemstone after dispersion gives favourable results. Your troubles start decreasing because of it. Hence, a gemstones should always touch your skin whenever you wear it.

People tend to forget gemstones after wearing them once. But, gemstones have their own limitations. Gemstones draw negative energies from your life. Hence, the power of gemstones decreases and it can be renewed. You should get your Gemstones purified in every three years. This will renew the power of gemstones and they will give auspicious results once again.