What are the Different Types of Tarot Cards

Many different stories and arguments are famous about the origin of the Tarot cards. Many people believe that Tarot cards originated in the 15th century in Italy. Some say that they originated in Western Europe during the medieval period. Some even believe the origination to be related to ancient Egypt. The truth is that the Tarot cards that exist today and are famous actually come from Italy. The interesting thing to note is that despite of the various arguments about the origination, Tarot cards till date have had the same meaning and interpretation. Many different types of Tarot cards are used by psychic readers these days.

When people started using Tarot cards, they were used for playing games and recreational activities. But now, Tarot cards are used for divination purposes and fortune telling. They are even used for meditation. Tarot cards are used for various purposes including games, problem solving and self-improvement. A Tarot card deck includes 78 different cards. Each card can be seen depicting different pictures and symbols. A set of twenty-two cards called the major arcana or trumps make a standard tarot. Another set of cards that is commonly used is minor arcana or pip cards have 14 cards of four suits.

Some of the popular and widely known Tarot cards have been discussed in this article. These have been mentioned below.

  • The Benedetti Tarot cards are a set of cards which were inspired by the Visconti (an ancient tarot) tarot deck. These cards have designs of leaves painted in gold. The psychic readers who wish to add a bit of elegance to their reading use these sets of cards.
  • The Cat People Tarot Cards are used by fortune-tellers who read the human mind. It is believed that this tarot card enables the reader to see any far off place, pertaining to the inquiry of the client, in the mind's eye. The Cat People tarot cards features the cat companions and their mystics.
  • The Ator Tarot Cards show beautiful and adorable characters that make it a popular choice of psychic readers. The Ator tarots are the fanciful representation of the Rider Waite tarot cards.
  • The Curious Tarot Cards is a set of modern tarot deck. This type of tarot cards are unusual tarot cards. The characters depicted on them are very eerie. This is one of the modern-day tarot cards.
  • The Colman Smith Tarot Cards have original psychedelic colors and tarot drawings. This set of tarot cards is the modern version of the Rider Waite tarot cards.
  • The Marseilles Tarot Cards are used for divination and meditation. These tarot cards originated in the 18th century and are older than Rider Waite Tarot by 200 years.
  • The International Icon Tarot are the traditional Swiss tarot cards. The International Icon Tarot cards are one of the most popular tarot cards used by the psychic readers.
  • The Golden Tarot Cards are a set of cards that are mainly used by the great thinkers. Though a modern tarot, it has the touches of a medieval rendition for fortune-telling.
  • The Phoenix Tarot Cards are one of the cards that were created in the 20th century. The vibrant colors of this card set make it one of the beautiful sets of cards.

Some of the traditional tarot cards that are still in use are the Haindl tarot, lovecraft tarot, Minchiate Fiorentine tarot, Palladini and many more.

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