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Rudraksha Jabala Upanishad - Rudraksha Description - Origin Of Rudraksha

Rudraksha Jabala Upanishad belongs to the category of Samvediya upanishads and is related to Rudraksha. This Upanishad explains the importance of Lord Shiva’s Rudraksha. This Upanishad talks about the origin, effects,

Twenty One Mukhi Rudraksha - 21 Mukhi Rudraksha - 21 Faced Rudraksha - Twenty One Faced Rudraksha

Ekees Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Shiva and Lord Kuber, God of wealth and prosperity. Ekees Mukhi Rudraksha is one of the best Rudraksha among all. It is believed that all the gods and goddesses including Lord

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha represents the unified form of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is evident from the name itself that this Rudraksha symbolizes a strong bond between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati . The person

Description and Colour of Rudraksha

Rudraksha is a unique gem that can benefit a person in thousand ways. It purifies your soul and provides you with the benefits of a happy and prosperous life. It helps a person to attain salvation and freedom from all

Identity of Rudraksha - Classification of Rudraksha on the Basis of their Shape and Stripes

Rudraksha is a unique kind of gem that helps a person to achieve happiness and contentment in life. It is another form of Lord Shiva . According to ancient scriptures, a person should chant and worship the God before

Rudraksha Size and Differences

Rudraksha is a gem that helps to remove stress, sufferings, pain from life and destroys all the sins. According to the scriptures, the fruits of Rudraksha depend upon the size and colour of it. It is available in four

Rudraksha Mantra - Effects of Rudraksha Mantra

Rudraksha is a blessing of Lord Shiva, equivalent to Amrit (Holy water). They are the tears of Lord Shiva that shed after he woke up from a penance. According to a legend, Lord Shiva opened his eyes after a long period

Three and Four Mukhi Rudraksha

Three Mukhi Rudraksha Teen Mukhi Rudraksha is a symbol of Agni Deva. It represents the planet Mars . Teen Mukhi Rudraksha gives relief to a person from the sins like killing of women etc. and frees him from the feeling

What is Rudraksha - Importance and Magnificence of Rudraksha

Rudraksha means a place where Lord Shiva resides. It reminds us that Lord Shiva is amongst us. Rudraksha is a way to feel Lord Shiva inside yourself. Rudraksha provides us with happiness and contentment. A person

One Mukhi Rudraksha and Two Mukhi Rudraksha

One Mukhi Rudraksha Ek Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Shiva and Sun is the planet that rules it. Thus, it is worn to ward off the malefic effect from Sun and to obtain it’s benefits. Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is another form

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