Nine Mukhi and Ten Mukhi Rudraksha

Nau Mukhi Rudraksha represents the nine forms of Goddess Durga,i.e, “Nau Shakti”. It is also considered as the second form of Bhairav, due to which it is also used for siddhis and meditations. Nau Mukhi Rudraksha bestows the power and strength of nine manifestations of Goddess Durga. The person holding this rudraksha is blessed with these strength and powers. Such a person obtains endurance, bravery and courage. Nau Mukhi Rudraksha is filled with devotion of nine planets, i.e, Navgrah and Navnath.

Benefits of Nine Mukhi Rudraksha

Nau Mukhi Rudraksha gives power and strength to a person and is highly beneficial for business related matters. It protects the person from his enemies and destroys them. It wards off all the worries and fears from the life of a person and provides him with strength that helps in boosting the self confidence and diligence.

Health Benefits of Nine Mukhi Rudraksha

Nau Mukhi Rudraksha is useful in preventing health problems like - body pain, pain in the eyes, skin diseases etc.

Nine Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra

“Om Hreen Hum Namah Nav Durgaya Namah”

Goddess Durga is the Lord of Nau Mukhi Rudraksha. It is another form of Bhairav, represented by Planet Ketu. It should be worn while chanting, “Om Dun Durgaya Namah”.

Ten Mukhi Rudraksha

Dus Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Vishnu. It is a symbol of all ten directions and is represented by all nine planets. It is believed that Dus Mukhi Ruraksha holds the powers of Lord Vishnu. Therefore, the person holding it gets respect and fame in the society and is blessed with immense wealth and happiness. He also gets freedom from all kinds of fears in life.

Benefits of Ten Mukhi Rudraksha

Dus Mukhi Rudraksha brings wealth and fame to the person and fulfills all his desires. It removes all kinds of obstacles and destroys them. It pacifies from the ill-effects of tantra-mantra and frees the person from evils, bad spirits and occults.

The lord of Dus Mukhi Rudraksha is Lord Vishnu, he who can destroy all the defects. Worshipping the bead brings peace and harmony in the family. It is beneficial to get success in the government works, especially for the ones who are related to political field.

It is very rare to find Dus Mukhi Rudraksha and is considered to be very powerful. It destroys all the problems related to black magic, evil eye, legal matters and defects concerning directions.

Health Benefits of Ten Mukhi Rudraksha

Dus Mukhi Rudraksha helps in accomplishing all the tasks. It prevents stress and mental sickness and blesses the person with a child.

Ten Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra

Om Hreem Namah Namah
Shri Narayanaya Shree Vishnave Namah

Wear Dus Mukhi Rudraksha on Sunday as a bracelet while chanting, “ Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya”