Description and Colour of Rudraksha

Rudraksha is a unique gem that can benefit a person in thousand ways. It purifies your soul and provides you with the benefits of a happy and prosperous life. It helps a person to attain salvation and freedom from all sins. It brings positive effects into every aspect of life and helps a person to adopt purity. Wearing Rudraksha can provide wisdom and direct a person’s life towards the path of success. Thereby, warding off all troubles of life.

It is important to understand the rules and rituals to wear Rudraksha and adopt them with full dedication. Religiously, Rudraksha is mostly used while worshipping and chanting mantras. Rudraksha is considered auspicious and beneficial due to its magical properties.

Different Colours of Rudraksha

Rudraksha is available is various colours.

  • First class Rudraksha is available in chocolate or dark colour and is considered superior in quality. It is also available in dark red color.
  • Second class Rudraksha is light brown in colour. It’s colour resembles to that of almonds and is also available in dusty shades.
  • Third class Rudraksha is white in colour. It can be sometimes available in light shades of brown.

Basically, Rudraksha is available in four colours - white, blood red, black and yellow. The rules to wear Rudraksha are based on the colour and kind of Rudraksha. Thus, it is important to follow those rituals to get benefits from it.

Classification of Rudraksha on the Basis of Classes

Caste system in Indian society is divided into four kind of classes. In ancient scriptures, each class has been directed with different rituals and rules to wear Rudraksha. They are :

  • Brahman - Brahmans have been given the first place in Indian cultuire. According to the scriptures, they are advised to wear white coloured Rudraksha.
  • Kshatriya - Kshatriyas hold the second place and blood coloured Rudraksha is considered beneficial for them.
  • Vaishya - Vaishyas hold the third place. They have been advised to wear yellow coloured Rudraksha to get benefits.
  • Shudras - Shudras hold the fourth place and black coloured Rudraksha are considered beneficial for them.

Rudraksha can also be worn by just chanting one Shlok, viz “ Sarwashramanavarnam Strisudranam Shivagya Dharya, Sadeva Rudrakha, Sadeva Rudrakha”. It means that everyone including females, shudras, classes, priests should wear Rudraksha with due permission of Lord Shiva.

Many ancient scriptures have mentioned the rules and rituals to wear Rudraksha in detail to attain benefits from it. The rules to wear Rudraksha are different for different people like females, saints, priests etc. People have benefited in many ways by wearing Rudraksha as per the rituals and have also experienced a positive flow that has brought great changes in life.