Rudraksha Mala - Effects of Rudraksha Mala

Rudraksha is well known for it’s positive qualities given to it by nature. It is believed that Rudraksha are the tears that shed from Lord Shiva’s eyes. The person who wears Rudraksha gets freedom for all kinds of sufferings and sins. Worshipping Rudraksha gives results equivalent to the results that a person gets by visiting pilgrimage places like Haridwar, Kaashi etc.

Chanting the mantras with Rudraksha mala (rosary) multiplies the sense of positivity in the environment. A Rudraksha mala is made of 108 or 52 beads of Rudraksha. Wearing a Rudraksha mala with at least 27 beads has been considered to be fruitful. Worshipping Lord Shiva and chanting mantras with a Rudraksha mala is considered to be very effective and helps gain positivity.

On the other hand, preparing a mala with different kinds of Rudraksha helps in the fulfillment of different desires and gives results accordingly.

Number of Rudraksha beads in Rudraksha Mala

The significance of a Rudraksha mala depends on the kind of beads and number of beads used in it. Each kind of mala gives different results which are as follows :

  • Wearing a Rudraksha mala consisting of 100 beads helps a person to attain salvation.
  • A Rudraksha mala consisting of 108 beads brings success and helps in accomplishing all kinds of works. Wearing this mala even benefits the descendants of a person.
  • A person holdinga  Rudraksha mala consisting of 140 beads is blessed with courage, power and good health.
  • A Rudraksha mala consisting of 32 beads brings wealth, prosperity and longevity to a person.
  • A Rudraksha mala consisting of 26 beads should be worn on the forehead.
  • A Rudraksha mala consisting of  50 beads should be worn in the neck.
  • A Rudraksha mala consiting of 15 beads is beneficial for tantra-mantra and attainment of siddhis.
  • A Rudraksha mala consisting of 16 beads should be worn in the hands.
  • It is beneficial to wear a Rudraksha mala consisting of 12 beads on the wrist.
  • A person achieves virtue by holding a Rudraksha mala made with 50, 108 or 27 beads and chanting mantras while holding it.

Significance of Rudraksha Mala

It is very important to take proper advice before wearing a Rudraksha mala. This is because the kind and number of beads used to prepare a mala affect the results it gives. It helps a person to get relief from all sins. A Rudraksha that resembles Amla is considered to be the best of all. A Brahman or priest should wear white coloured a Rudraksha mala. A red coloured Rudraksha mala is well suited for Kshatriyas. On the other hand, a golden coloured Rudraksha mala should be worn by Vaishyas and black coloured by Shudras.

A person holding a Rudraksha mala should avoid consuming garlic, onion, meat and alcoholic drinks. It is auspicious to wear a Rudraksha mala on Sankranti, Amawasya, Purnima and Shivratri.

Anyone can wear a Rudraksha mala and get blessed by Lord Shiva. It increases intellect power and provides wisdom. A person who wears 32 beaded Rudraksha mala in the neck, 40 beaded mala on the forehead, 66 beaded mala in the ears, 12 beaded mala in each hand, 16 beaded mala in each arm, one on the crest and 108 beaded mala on the chest is able to encounter Lord Shiva in his true form.

Rudraksha - The significance of each Rudraksha