Health Benefits of Rudraksha

Rudraksha has proved to be highly beneficial for preventing and controlling diseases and health ailments. It has been given a special place in Ayurveda. In Ayurvedic scripture, Rudraksha has been considered equivalent to Sanjeevani ( a life saving herb). Rudraksha can be used in various forms for health benefits.

Rudraksha gives relief from three basic health ailments

Diseases related to air, bile and  phelgm are three basic health ailments. Their imbalance in the body affects the health of a person. Rudraksha helps to keep them in balance. Drinking a glass of Rudraksha powder mixed in water mitigates the diseases caused by phelgm.

Rudraksha helps to control blood pressure

Rudraksha consists of an electro-magnetic field which helps to control blood pressure. It is also believed that a person gets peace of mind after wearing Rudraksha. It squeezes out the heat from the body and helps a person to relax. A person with high blood pressure should drink a glass of milk with the ashes of Do Mukhi Rudraksha mixed with equal quantity of Swarnamachik ash.

Rudraksha protects from heart diseases

Rudrakha helps to keep the blood pressure under control, which prevents a person from heart related problems. Wear Rudraksha in your neck in such a way that it touches your heart. Other than this, on Sunday, put Paanch Mukhi Rudraksha in a copper pot filled with water and drink it next day an empty stomach. Following this process for a long period of time will keep heart troubles away.

Rudraksha protects from Measles

Rudraksha is used to treat Chicken pox. Lick the powder of Rudraksha to treat Measles.

Rudraksha helps to increase the memory power

Rudraksha helps to increase the memory power and intellect. Chaar Mukhi Rudraksha is beneficial to treat speech impairment, poor memory and intellect.

Rudraksha to remove skin diseases

Put Rudraksha in a copper pot  filled with water overnight and drink the water next day with an  empty stomach to treat skin diseases and keep them away. Apply the paste of Teen Mukhi Rudraksha powder on your naval to get relief from diseases caused by metals. Applying a paste of Nau Mukhi Rudraksha and Tulsi is beneficial to treat wounds and injuries. Make a paste of Rudraksha and Neem leaves to treat skin irritations and itchiness.

Rudraksha to enhance beauty

Rudraksha helps to make the skin radiant and flawless. Apply the paste of Rudraksha and sandalwood powder to get soft and radiant skin. This paste also gives relief from body odour. Rudraksha can also be used with rose water and almonds to get beautiful skin.

Rudraksha gives relief from body pains

Arthritis or joint pains and pain in the muscles can be treated with Rudraksha. It also helps to treat swollen skin. Apply the powder of Rudraksha mixed in mustard oil to the affected area to get relief from body pains.

Rudraksha helsp to treat cold and cough

Prepare a mixture of Rudraksha and Tulsi leaves in a powdered form and have it with honey every morning with an empty stomach to get relief from cold and cough.

Rudrakshs helps to reduce stress

Drink a glass of cow’s milk boiled with Rudraksha to get relief from mental problems. This treatment helps to relax the mind and gives peace. You can also apply the paste of Rudraksha and sandalwood on your forehead to treat headaches.

Rudraksha and other treatments

Rudraksha is helpful in treating skin diseases, female related diseases, arthritis, lungs disorder, asthma, sexual problems, mental stress etc. Students who suffer from poor memory or concentration are advised to wear Rudraksha. Other diseases like diabetes, eye disorder, paralysis, migraine, hysteria, thyroid, ascites, indigestion, leprosy, cholera, diarrhea can be well treated by Rudraksha. Rudraksha plays the role of an armor and the person who wear it gets miraculous benefits from it.

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