What is Rudraksha - Importance and Magnificence of Rudraksha

Rudraksha means a place where Lord Shiva resides. It reminds us that Lord Shiva is amongst us. Rudraksha is a way to feel Lord Shiva inside yourself. Rudraksha provides us with happiness and contentment. A person wearing Rudraksha feels immense energy inside him. Rudraksha originated from Lord Shiva’s eyes and provides immense energy to the whole world and nature. It also generates humanity in a person’s heart.

Rudraksha Origination Stories

According to a legend, Narad Muni asked Lord Vishnu about Rudraksha. Lord Vishnu then told him a story about the origination of Rudraksha. Lord Vishnu said that there was a demon named Purva Tripur who spread terror in this world and all the people were afraid of him.

Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Indra went to see Lord Shiva and asked for his help. Lord Shiva agreed to fight Purva Tripur and closed his eyes in order to obtain a deadly weapon. A few drops of water fell from his eyes as they were closed for a long time. These drops gave birth to Maharudraksha.

According to another belief, Lord Shiva was meditating for a very long time. On opening his eyes, a few drops of water fell from them which gave rise to Rudraksha.

According to another famous legends, Daksha Prajapati organised a yagya but did not invite Goddess Sati and Lord Shiva. Sati could not resist and visited her father’s place. But, she was not happy to see Lord Shiva get insulted in front of the public. Hence, she jumped into the fire. Lord Shiva was shattered on seeing Sati’s dead body and started crying. It is believed that these drops of tears gave birth to Rudraksha wherever they fell.

Importance of Rudraksha

All these stories have a common moral that Rudraksha originated from Lord Shiva’s eyes and it is his blessings to free this world from all sins and sorrow. Rudraksha frees a person from sins, diseases and provides salvation. According to Shiva Purana, a person wearing Rudraksha and reciting Namah Shivaya is much closer to Lord Shiva.

The importance of Rudraksha in human life