Prashana of various houses and effects of Planets - Part 2

Fifth House

Fifth House mainly deals with all the Prashnas related with Children. However, other Prashan like higher education, love affairs, temperament, birth of children, pregnancy etc. are also related with this house. It should be noted that this is a Trikona related with Sanchit Karma and therefore needs extra care.

Effects of benefics in Fifth House

A benefic placed in the Fifth House indicates all the positive results like birth of children, good health, peace of mind, influence and increase of good deeds. If the Lagna or the Moon is in Muthaseela with the Fifth Lord or the Fifth Lord is in Lagna and the Lagnesh is in the Fifth House with the Moon then the querent will have a child very soon.

If the Moon or Mercury is in the Fifth House or is associate with Fifth Lord by the way of conjunction or aspect or Fifth Lord is exalted, then the querent will get a legitimate issue.

Effects of malefics in Fifth House

If a malefic is in the Fifth House and is afflicted by way of combustion, etc. then this indicates illness, death or danger to children. Death should only be predicted if Fifth House, Fifth Lord and Karka Jupiter is afflicted considerably. Otherwise, this affliction will indicate illness or danger to children only.

It also indicates leaving of Sanchita Karma, mental uneasiness, irritable temperament; lose of the spirit of optimism and enthusiasm; and illness to the native's advisers. Querent might frequently lose his temper to the detriment of his own interests.

When a querent put Prashan that "whether this lady is pregnant', then position of the Lagnesh and the Moon of Prashna Kundli in Fifth House will indicate that she is pregnant.

If the Lagnesh and the Moon are in an Apoklima house having no connection with Fifth Lord then the lady has not conceived.

Sixth House

Sixth house of the Prashna Kundali is mainly considered to answer a Prashan pertaining to disease and its cure or otherwise, Court Cases, result of competition, recognizing enemies, war, servant, selection of service etc.

It is one of the Bhava amongst Trishadaya Bhava so it should have strength but less than Lagna otherwise indicates negative results of Prashan.

Occupying by a benefic planet will improve the nature of the house but the planet loose its natural strength. Not only this, but the house owned by the planet will also lose its strength. So, it is considered good if there is no planet in Sixth House.

Effects of benefices in Sixth House

Benefic planet in the Sixth House will vanquish the enemies, diseases will disappear and new ones do not sprout out. Benefices in the Tenth, Seventh and Fourth houses will enable the patient to get cured. If the Lagnesh and the Moon are in Ithasala with benefices, the disease will be destroyed.

Effects of malefices in Sixth House

Position of a malefic planet in Sixth House indicates occurrence of a wound or ulcer in the organ ruled by this house, fear from thieves and enemies, trouble in the waist and navel, obstacles in undertakings and ailments signified by the occupying planet.

In Prashan related with disease, placement of malefic planet will intensify the disease. If malefices are also in the Tenth House then due to the querent's own fault, the treatment will not work. If malefics are also in the Seventh or Fourth house then one complication will lead to another complication.

Prashan pertaining to disease and its cure or otherwise the Lagna signify the physician, Seventh House signify the disease, the Tenth House signify the patient and the Fourth House signify the medicine or treatment. Aspect of malefices on Lagna indicates that the disease cannot be cured by the physician.

Seventh House

Seventh House of the Prashna Kundali is mainly considered to answer a Prashan related to marriage, marital relationship, love affair, Spouse, partner and partnership, business, long journey, return from the journey etc. Services related matters are also considered from this house as it is tenth from the tenth.

It is one of the Kendra Bhava amongst four Kendras of the Prashna Kundli which is happens to be just opposite in front of Lagna and therefore may called shadow of Lagna. So, querent’s public or social image, his behavior etc. are also seen from it.

Effects of benefices in Seventh House

Benefices in the Seventh House indicate marriage, recovery of lost wealth, enjoyment, happiness and safe return of relations gone to foreign countries. The native is likely to build a good house. Benefices in the Seventh House also indicate trips to foreign countries and safe return.

Effects of malefices in Seventh House

Malefices in the Seventh House indicates sickness or death to or separation from the Spouse, disturbance in journey and urinary troubles. Mars in this house indicates that fire may break out in the Spouse's house.

In general, separate planets Sun, Saturn and Mars are not considered good in this house as they indicated trouble in marital relationship or partnership of business.

If the querent ask that his angry wife will return home, then her return may not happen if the Sun is in the first, second or third house and Venus is in the fifth, sixth or seventh house. If Venus is not retrograde or is combust then she wife will not return.

If Venus is either retrograde or is heliacally rising then she may return. She will return after considerable delay or early according as the Moon is waning or waxing.

In Prashan of marriage Ithasala yoga between Seventh Lord and Lagnesh or Moon will indicate that querent will get spouse without much efforts. Placement of Lagnesh or the Moon in the Seventh House indicates that efforts will help to get married.

Eight House

Eighth House of the Prashna Kundali is one of the important houses which indicate longevity of the Prashan. In addition to this, Prashan related to death, recovery from diseases, hidden treasures, Insurance money, all of sudden gain or loss, black magic etc. are also seen from this house.

As this is house of secrecy and longevity, placement of either a benefic or a malefic in eighth house is not considered good. However, aspect of benefices on this house enhances the strength of this house. But in any case it should not have strength more than Lagna.

Effects of benefics

A benefic planet in the Eighth House indicates freedom from disease, courage, longevity and facilities to acquire new houses, building mutts, etc. but the planet itself and house he own will lose strength. So, if it is sixth lord then it will not be a good position as due to the position of sixth lord in eight house, Vipreet Raj Yog arise which indicates success of Prashan.

Effects of malefics in Eighth House

Malefices in the Eighth House bring illness to servants, obstacles in all works, diseases in the anus, quarrels with all; loss of wealth due to thieves, rulers or enemies; loss of appetite for food, diseases and bad name.

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