Significations of Bhavas in Prashna Kundali

As discussed earlier, Bhavas are one of the most important factors in Prashana Kundli. In general, Bhavas of Prashan Kundli have same significance as in the Janam Kundli and are to be studied along with the position and aspect of planets on them. Perhaps aspects are Parashari aspects but Tajik aspects are also used to define the house deeply.

First House

First house of the Prashana Kundli indicates everything about querent's general happiness, his/her desires, present position, fame, his/her physical body, health, strength, etc., welfare, and success in all undertakings.

If querent asks about his past, present and future then strengths of the Lagna and position of the Moon in Prashan Kundli should be judged. If Lagna has strength and the Moon is placed in good position with strength then it will indicate good result otherwise there are problem.

Second House

This house of the Prashan Kundli indicates about the family, wealth, speech, right eye, all kinds of knowledge of querent and all other things as seen in Janam Kundli. It should be stronger then twelth house but not more then Lagna. If it is connected with eleventh than indicates that the financial position of the querent is strong.

Third House

This house of the Prashan Kundli indicates efforts of the querent towards his/her all undertakings, his/her courage, vitality, evil inclinations, effects of secret work, height of his success in education he tried to get by own wish etc.

In relationship this house of the Prashan Kundli will indicates fate, believes, spiritual inclination etc. of his/her spouse, difficulties of his/her father and his/her relation with younger brothers as well as their position.

Fourth House

Fourth House of the Prashan Kundli indicates position of querent’s mother; his/her prosperity in general, landed properties, vehicles, mines and other resources of the earth along with happiness from them. As this house is related with mother of the querent, it also indicates the surrounding situations at the time of his/her birth and happiness he/she is getting in his life. Height of querent’s popularity, public image and general influence is also judged from this house of the Prashan Kundli.

Being of the Kendra Bhava, if it has strength then there is all well otherwise it shows problems.

Fifth House

From the fifth house of the Prashan Kundli querent’s intelligence, prudence, memory, power of discrimination, merit earned in previous births, capacity to advice, children, condition of mind etc. are judged.

Being a Trikon Bhava and related with the previous birth it play very important roll in the present life of the querent. So, strength and aspects received by this house indicates the present circumstances of the querent.

Sixth House

The sixth house of the Prashan Kundli indicates the difficulties or struggle of the querent for making his position, obstacles of his/her path of success, mental as well as physical worries, diseases, strength of his/her enemies, position of servants etc.

If this house is weak and receiving bad aspect then it indicates that worth position of the querent however, placement of malefic planets, especially Mars indicates his/her success to come out of these last. This is a trik house show it should have natural strength but not more then Lagna.

Seventh House

The seventh house deals with querent’s marital life, sexual instincts, sex relations, effects and height of his/her profession, general relations with others, his/her spouse, spouse's health etc.

This house is a Kendra Bhava so its strength is also important. If this house of the Prashan Kundli is weak then it will indicate that querent is facing problems related with this house.

Eighth House

This house of the Prashan Kundli signifies ruin of everything, dangers, evil repute, cause and place of death etc. This house also indicates chronic diseases and somehow obstructions of the querent. This is house of secrecy, secrete knowledge, black magic, death like situation etc. and therefore need extra caution to read. It is one of the Trishadaya Bhava and therefore must have strength but not more then Lagna otherwise indicate the death of Prashan.

Ninth House

The Ninth house of the Prashan Kundli indicates the luck or fortune of the Prashan, righteousness, kindness, merit, spirituality, charities, spiritual quest, good conduct or culture, querent’s father, his/her grand children and preceptors. As it is a Trikona Bhava, its strength and good position indicates positive side of the Prashan.

Tenth House

From the tenth house of the Prashan Kundli good or bad deed done by the querent, his/her profession or occupation, working place, working atmosphere and other things related with profession of the querent is ascertained.

This house is one of the Kendra Bhava so play important role in judging the success of the question.

Eleventh House

This house of Prashan Kundli indicates the elder brother, sons already born, left ear and monetary gains of the querent. It is house of gain of the Prashan. It is one of the Trishadaya Bhava so its strength shows materialistic gain but not good for living things. So, it should be read with utmost care.

Twelfth House

The twelfth house of the Prashana Kundli signifies sinful actions, imprisonment, hospitalization, bodily injuries, loss of gain or expenses, breaks, falls, loss of position or profession etc.

So, the exact nature of the good or bad effect should be determined by carefully examining the appropriate Bhavas and planets affecting that particular Bhava. It should be kept in mind that malefic planets do also get Bhava Bal by sitting in certain Bhava and malefics are more depend on Bhava Bal then benefics.

Other Significataions of Bhava’s in Prashan Kundli

According to Prashan Marg, in Raja Prashana, starting from Lagna of the Prashan Kundli, twelth bhava indicates the physical body of the king, the treasure, the army, vehicles, diplomacy, the enemy, communications, longevity, the mind of the king, trade and commerce, the income and expenditure respectively.

This is useful when the question is related with a nation or state. Perhaps above these significations are related with monarchy; however these can be used in democracy too after redefining them according to the nature of the ruling government in concerned nation or state.
These may also be useful in politics related prashans.

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