Prashna of various houses and effects of Planets - Part 3

In general most of the Prashan are covered by first eight Bhavas but sometimes querent ask.

About his fortune, luck, spiritual inclination and spiritual gain, service related matters, change of job, gain from the service or business, settlement in abroad etc. In that case Bhavas from Ninth to Twelfth come under consideration.

These house are considered darken side of the Kundli therefore these houses shows the success, gain etc of the act signify by the first seventh houses. In other words, success of Prashan related with first seven houses is directly related with the strength of these houses.

Ninth House

In Prashna Kundli Prashan related with foreign journey and settlement in foreign country, fortune, father, grand children, divine wrath, inclination towards the acts of charity, religious inclination etc. are considered from Ninth House.

Ninth House is most important Trikona Bhava amongst all three Trikonas. So, its strength is absolutely necessary for success of Prashan not only related to this house but other house also. Strength of Ninth Lord and Ninth House indicates the good luck of the querent.

Effects of benefic in Ninth House

Position of benefic planets in Ninth House is considered excellent. Benefic planets occupying this house indicates increase of fortune, grace of God, blessings of elders and parents, mental happiness, inclination towards good acts, increase of Tapas, humanitarian tendencies and happiness from grand children.

Effects of malefics in Ninth House

Malefic planets in Ninth House will destroy the benefic nature of this house. They indicates illness to elders, father and grandchildren; bad luck, divine wrath, disinclination for charitable work, gradual decline of hard earned merits, ruin of one's power of penance and hardheartedness.

In Prashan of foreign journey, position of Lagnesh in Kendra in relation with ninth lord or Ninth Lord associate with Lagnesh and placed in Kendra confirm the journey. Aspect of benefics on these will enhance the pleasure or gain from the journey while aspect of malefic planets indicate physical danger and loss of money in the journey.

Tenth House

In Prashna Kundli Prashan related with profession, service, change of job, respect, blessing of king or Government, success in all attempts are seen from Tenth House. As it is 7th house from the 4th house, father’s related Prashan are all analyzed from this house. This is most powerful Kendra whose strength indicates the success of all Prashan. So, it must have sufficient strength to acquire success of Prashan.

Effects of benefic in Tenth House

Position of benefic planets in Tenth House indicates success in all attempts, grace of king or Government, father, arisen of new opportunities, increase of prestige and influence, rise in profession and acquisition of servants. As Sun get directional strength in this house, his position in tenth house is also considered benefic. Other then Sun, Mars is not considered bad in Tenth house too.

Effects of malefics in Tenth House

Position of malefices, other then Sun and Mars in the Tenth house signifies failures of the Prashan as well as in all efforts, bad name, loss of respect, ruin to servants, breaks in profession, diseases in the ankle and exile.

Exchange (Rashi Parivartan) of house between Tenth Lord and Lagnesh is a benefic yoga and if none of them is afflicted then this confer gain (of kingdom) without much effort.

Similarly, position of Tenth Lord in Lagna in association of an uninflected benefic indicates same result. But, on the other hand, if the slow moving planet among them is afflicted then the querent has no chance of success.

Eleventh House

In general, Eleventh House of the Prashan Kundli is related with the profits and gains. It is one of the Trishadaya Bhava so considered good for materialist gains. It is also considered for elder co-born. It is also a Upchaya Bhava which means relation of any house with Eleventh house will increase in all type materialistic gains signify by that house. If Eights lord is in occupation of this house then on of the indication of this position will be all of sudden gain although it may be from insurance claim or gain of inheritance.

When a person desire to know about his future and in Prashan Kundli there is relation between Eleventh Lord and Moon, then this indicates that the person has anxiety about his gain in profession and wants to know about profits in business or about success in the projects on hand. If there is relation between Second Lord or Lagnesh and Eleventh lords, either by combination or by aspects, this will form ‘Lakshmi Yoga’ which indicate gain of Dhan(money).

Effects of benefics Eleventh House

Position of benefices in Eleventh House indicate well being of elder co-born, abatement of grief, accomplishment of desired objects, gain of fresh sources of wealth and material objects signified by the benefic planet or planets concerned.

Effects of malefics Eleventh House

Position of malefices in Eleventh House indicate that there will be illness to elder brothers and sons, fresh ailments in the left ear and legs, and gain of articles (such as copper mentioned in Brihat Jataka). If the Lagnesh and the Moon are in favourable situated in a quadrant (Kendra) or in a cadent house (Panapara), the object of the querent will be fulfilled.

If querent wants to know the result of his friendship with another person, then this house becomes center of consideration. If the Lagnesh and the Eleventh Lord are friends and situated in good houses from each other then it will be a real friendship.

Similarly if both are in Kendras from each other, there will be friendship; if in Panaparas, there will be intimacy; and if in Apoklimas, bosom friendship will prevail.

Twelfth House

In general, Twelfth House is considered as house of expenses, loss of every thing like health, position, wealth etc., bedroom, bedroom pleasure means good or bad sleep as well as nature of marital relationship, hospitalization, prison etc.

In Prashan Kundli when Twelfth Lord is related to Moon by the way of aspect or conjunction, the querent is concerned about his health and expenditure. Position of benefic or malefic planets in this house indicates the result according to their nature but due to their position in this house, the strength of the houses owned by them will loose their natural strength simultaneously. It is considered good if there is no planet in this house.

Effects of benefics in Twelfth House

Position of benefic planets in the Twelfth House indicates heavy expenditure for good purposes, gradual termination of sinful actions, abatement of sickness, good sleep etc.

Effects of malefics in Twelfth House

Position of malefic planets in the Twelfth House indicates squandering of money, fall from position, troubles in the soles of the feet and the left eye, falls due to carelessness and sinful actions.

In dispute Prashna, if the lord of the Sixth Lord is strong, the enemy should be considered as powerful but if the Twelfth lord is powerful, then the querent will be powerful. If the Prashan is about war with an enemy, then strongly positioned Twelfth Lord indicates the powerful position of the person for whom the Prashan is asked while strongly positioned Seventh Lord indicates the powerful enemy.

If the Twelfth house is well aspected and conjoined, the querent will spend money on deserving cause, otherwise the earning will be squandered.

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