Important points in preparing the Prashna Kundali

The study of Prashna kundali is beneficial for those persons who don’t have proper knowledge about their birth time. The Prashna kundali gives you answers to your questions without knowing the birth date and time. In this, the answer is given after making the chart according to the time when it is asked.

As the birth horoscope is made according to the planets and then the results from it are seen accordingly, similarly in prashna kundali the results are seen according to the planets. So, it is important to keep few things in mind while preparing prashna kundali, so that it is helpful in getting good results.

Key facts of Prashna Kundali

Whenever a questioner asks you a question, then it becomes necessary to keep few things in mind, so that prashna kundali can be made properly and its results can be explained properly.

1. It is important to keep an eye on the first word that comes out if the questioners mouth. From this word 8 types of conclusions can be made like a flag or dhoom and their poles, which will help in analysing the results.

2. Whenever a person comes in front of a prashna kundali expert, and if he touches any of his body part then 8 types of results can be studied like combined and unused.

3. The prashna kundali can be made according to the time the questioner is asking a question. The time in the clock is converted into the local time, then the first house is created according to the local time and the prashna kundali made accordingly is called as the prashna kundali.

4. The questioner is sitting in which position and his face is looking in which direction, these things will tell you about the aarud house, chhatra house etc. which will help in the analysis of the prashna kundali.

5. The native is breathing from which nostril also helps in making the prashna kundali, which means the sound of the nostril helps in determining the results from the prashna kundali.

6. The questioner is located at how much distance, whether he is sitting or standing, on what thing he is sitting or in which place and is facing which direction, also holds an important place in making the prashna kundali.

7. The physical and emotional state of the questioner, his motives, also affects the preparation of prashna kundali.

8. The timing and the environment in which the question is asked also has an important position while preparing the prashna kundali. By keeping these few things in mind, the prashna kundali is made for the questioner. These important points helps in determining the results. The important thing while preparing the prashna kundali is the time when the question is asked, then the clear position of the planets can be determined, and then the ninth house lord horoscope and tenth house lord horoscope can be made. Good results and benefits can be achieved with all these horoscopes.