External and internal significance of Bhavas

In Prashna Kundli every Bhava or house has two significations, which are called external and internal. In Brihat Jataka, Varahamihira has explained these significations.

According to Brihat Jataka external and internal significations are followings:

Bhava No. External Significations Internal Significations
1 Tanu Kala
2 Kutumba Swa
3 Sahotta Vikrama
4 Baudhn Graha
5 Putra Pratibha
6 Ari Kshata
7 Patni Chitotta
8 Maran Randhra
9 Subha Guru
10 Aspada Mana
11 Aya Bhava
12 Ripha Vyaya

Above external and internal significations of the applied Bhavas should be applied utmost care should not be applied as it is. The 'internal' always refers to the abstract while the 'external' actually refers to concrete events. So, the external significance of the fifth house is Putra, a physical entity, the internal significance is Pratibha which is only an abstract quality which indicates intelligence.

How a Bhava become Stronger

If a Bhava is connected with its lord by any way then this position indicate the internal attribute of that Bhava. If there is no connection between Bhava and its lord, this position indicates the external aspects of that Bhava. The Rashi rising in Lagna at the time of Prashan indicates the querent and accordingly other Bhavas will be seen for querent’s wealth, brothers, etc. as seen in Janam Kundli. Similarly, Bhava’s connection with benefices or malefices will indicate its strengthen or weaker side.

Generally, positive outcome of a Bhava of a Prashan Kundli is predicted if it is connected with Jupiter or Mercury or Venus or its lord as it become stronger in this position. In addition to this, benefices in 2nd, 7th and the 12th or 4th and 10th from a Bhava gives strength to the Bhava and therefore make it favourable. It is a basic rule of Astrology which also applicable here that if a Bhava is in Subhakaratari Yoga or its Kendras are occupied by benefices then Bhava gets extra power and become stronger.

How a Bhava become weak

If a Bhava of the Prashan Kundli is connected in anyway with 6th, 8th or 12th lord of the Kundli or with the natural enemies of its lord then this will make the Bhava afflicted and destroy
the beneficences of it.

A Bhava will be considered weak if it is hemmed in between or is combined with, or is in aspect of malefic planets and do not associate with benefices in any way. Position of malefices in the 4th, 8th, 12th or 5th or 9th house also afflict the house adversely. Bhava will be also weak if the Karaka or the lord of the Bhava is hemmed in between or is combined with, or is aspected by malefic planets or their respective enemies and do not associate with benefices in any way.

The intensity of the affliction should be ascertained by judging the different affects with due care. The intensity of the affliction of a Bhava is directly proportional to the number of evil associations or aspects.

Effect of Navamsa

A lord of good house occupies Vargottam, own, friendly or inimical Navamsa is capable of conferring benefic results fully, moderately or feebly respectively. Similarly lord of bad house may give malefic results fully, moderately or feebly according to inimical, own, friendly or Vargottama Navamsa occupied by it.

For example, if Mars occupy 9th house in the Prashna Kundali of Cancer Lagna then its position in the Navamsa will indicates height of the good results he capable to give. Here, for Cancer Lagna Mars is a benefic planet being the lord of 5th or 10th house.

If the lord and Karaka are strong enough but occupy an unfavourable Navamsa then all though the effects of Bhava may be seen, the native will not enjoy them. On the contrary, if the lord and Karaka are weak but occupy favourable position in Navamsa then the effect will be experienced by the native however little it may be.

Natural Karakas and Karkattwa of Planets

In Prashna Kundli too planets have Karkattwa of various things as described in Janam Kundli. If they are strong, then they promote their respective indications and the events attributed to them will be predominantly seen. However, in case of Saturn, if it is strong then he will lessen the indications. If Saturn is weak, miseries and diseases will be felt in abundance.

Basic Karkattwa of planets prescribed by various classical is followings:

  • Karkattwa of father and spiritual influence has been given to Sun.
  • Moon is Karaka of mother and the mind.
  • Karkattwa of brothers, landed property and courage is assigned to Mars.
  • Karkattwa of speech and knowledge is assigned to Mercury.
  • Jupiter is Karak of intelligence, children, wisdom and bodily health. It is Karaka of husband if querent is female.
  • Venus is Karak of vehicles, sense-pleasures and wife if querent is a male.
  • Saturn is Karaka of death, diseases, sorrow, servants and followers.

Benefices if strong will contribute good result in full while Malefices if weak gives evil result in full.

For example if a weak malefic occupies the 5th house of Prashan Kundli then there may be loss of children or Pratibha. If it is occupied by a strong benefic other than the lord of the 6th, 8th or 12th house of Prashan Kundli then there may birth of children or increase in Pratibha.

Result of Planets in Ishta or Aanishta Bhavas

Planets give rise to favourable or unfavourable results according to their occupation of Ishta or Anishta Bhavas. For example, position of Sun in Ishta Bhava indicates grace of Lord Siva, benefits from rulers, acquisition of wheat, gold, copper vessels etc. Position of Sun in Anishta Bhavas indicate wrath of God, wrath of the rulers etc. all things connected with Sun.

How the result of the house is felt

According to some Acharyas position of a Bhavesh from the concerned Bhava is also important. If the Bhavesh occupies an unfavourable house from the Bhava then the natural Karkattwa of the Bhava will be destroyed. If it occupies an unfavourable house from Lagna, the native will not experience the results in full.

If benefices are in 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th house of the Prashan Kundli then they become unfavourable while malefics in the 3rd, 6th and 11th become favourable. Benefices show their greatest good and malefices shows their worst evil affect by occupying Lagna, 5th and 9th house of the Kundli.

Benefices strengthen the house they occupy while malefices on the other hand spoil the Bhava. Even, benefice occupying the 6th house will destroy enemies and other significations
of this house like debts and enemies while malefic occupying 6th house will house will produce harmful harmful effects because they increase the indications of the house.

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