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Position of planets in prashna kundali

Before studying the prashna kindly, it is important to learn about which planet affects which thing and position. Every planet have their special position. Every planet depicts a special effect or a

Important points in preparing the Prashna Kundali

The study of Prashna kundali is beneficial for those persons who don’t have proper knowledge about their birth time. The Prashna kundali gives you answers to your questions without knowing the birth

External and internal significance of Bhavas

In Prashna Kundli every Bhava or house has two significations, which are called external and internal. In Brihat Jataka, Varahamihira has explained these significations. According to Brihat Jataka

General Analysis of Prashna Kundali

Every house of Prashana Kundli is equally important as considered in Janam Kundli. Here, every house shows not about the question but also play important role in fulfilling of the object of the

Prashna of various houses and effects of Planets - Part 1

In Prashna Kundli effects of planets in a house will have a specific meaning. So, occupation of different planets in a Bhava will facilitate to make the Prashna more specific. Aspect and conjunction

Prashana of various houses and effects of Planets - Part 2

Fifth House Fifth House mainly deals with all the Prashnas related with Children. However, other Prashan like higher education, love affairs, temperament, birth of children, pregnancy etc. are also

Significations of Bhavas in Prashna Kundali

As discussed earlier, Bhavas are one of the most important factors in Prashana Kundli. In general, Bhavas of Prashan Kundli have same significance as in the Janam Kundli and are to be studied along

Prashna of various houses and effects of Planets - Part 3

In general most of the Prashan are covered by first eight Bhavas but sometimes querent ask. About his fortune, luck, spiritual inclination and spiritual gain, service related matters, change of job,

Introduction of Prashna

Vedic Astrology has a number of different branches which helps in various ways in prediction. Prashan (Horary Astrology) is one of the branches which give predictions based on the moment of time when
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