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Kendra Bhavas

If we look at the horoscope we find there are 12 houses. They are well balanced with 6 beneficial houses and 6 evil houses. Of the 6 beneficial houses 4 house are the Kendra houses. These kendra houses are placed such...

Predictive Astrology - Moon in Different Houses

The results obtained by Moon change with the change in house like Sun gives various results in different houses . Let us now understand that how Moon can give results in the 12 houses. Moon in Ascendant House When Moon...

Predictive Astrology - Mars in Different Houses

Mars is the commander of nine planets in astrology. Planet Mars gives its results in its Mahadasha and Antardasha. The results obtained in the period of Dasha of this planet depend on position of its house. The results...

Results of Sun in Different Houses

What kind of results planets give in different houses. Before knowing this, let us revise our previous study. The number of planets is 9 and there are 12 houses in Kundali. The Karaka elements of houses are stable. But,...

Mook Prashna of the 12 Signs

The signs in the ascendants has their own importance in the Prashna Kundli. Each sign has its own identity and symptoms. The scheduling of Mook Prashna is based on the symptoms. One thing should be kept in mind in the...

Ownership of signs in Predictive Astrology

There are 12 signs in Indian Astrology. These are : . Aries Sign Taurus Sign Gemini Sign Cancer Sign Leo Sign - Virgo Sign Libra Sign Scorpio Sign Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Ownership of these signs is given...