Janam Kundali and Hora Kundali

Varga Kundalis

The 12 houses of a Lagna Kundali are fixed. To know about these 12 houses in detail, we should study Varga Kundalis in detail because many times several predictions made in Lagna Kundali do not actualize. This happens because some planets which are strong in Lagna Kundali may become weak in the Varga Kundali. In these cases, you may face hurdles in getting the results. That is why, it is said that one should analyze the Varga of the house of the result which one wants to predict.

You should remember that there are various Varga Kundalis to study various aspects of life. The characterstics of a life-partner are analyzed through seventh house in a Lagna Kundali. The seventh house is divided into 12 parts in a Navamansha Kundali. Navamansha Kundali is studied to analyze all aspects of a life. The analysis of progeny is done through the fifth house and in Varga Kundali the analysis of progeny is done through Saptansha Kundali. If the fifth house is afflicted in a birth chart and the Saptansha Kundali is favourable, then one can get children after some treatment. If the conditions are unfavourable in both Lagna Kundali and Saptansha Kundali, then it is believed that happiness related to children may get affected.

You should remember that to prepare any Varga Kundali, the counting of planets should be done always in a Janam Kundali.

Method to study a Varga Kundali:

The Shodashvarga Kundalis are studied at most of the places. The following Kundalis come in Shodashvarga Kundalis:

D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4, D-7, D-9, D-10, D-12, D-16, D-20, D-24, D-27, D-30, D-40, D-45 and D-60.

These all Kundalis are studied in detail in the chapters coming ahead.

Janam Kundali or D-1

This is a Lagna Kundali. All the aspects of life are analysed through it. The 12 houses and 9 planets are analyzed through this Kundali. One house is of 30 degrees in this Kundali. The counting of planets in a Varga Kundali should be done only through Janam Kundali irrespective of the position of a planet in any house or sign.

Hora Kundali or D-2

This Kundali is used to analyze the wealth of a native. To prepare this Kundali, 30 degrees are divided into two equal parts. Each part is of 15 degrees. When the Kundali is divided into two equal parts, then planets will come in the Hora of the Sun or moon. The Kundali is divided into the Hora of the Sun and moon. When a planet is between 0 to 15 degrees in an even sign, then it will be in the Hora of moon. The Hora of the Sun will  be from 15 to 30 degrees. This caculation changes in case of an odd sign. The Hora of Sun will be from 0 to 15 degrees and the Hora of moon will be from 15 to 30 degrees in this case.

Let us assume that the Gemini ascendant lies at 22 degrees. It is an odd sign and its degree is more than 15 degrees. Then, the Hora of moon will appear in the Hora Kundali which means that Cancer sign will come in the first part of Hora Kundali and the Leo sign will come in the second part of Hora Kundali. Let us assume that Mercury lies at 17 degrees in Capricorn sign in a Janam Kundali. Capricorn is an even sign and Mercury is of 17 degrees. The even sign from 15 to 30 degrees comes in the Hora of Sun and hence Mercury will be written in the Hora of Sun and it be written in the Hora of Leo sign.



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