Friendly Planets and Enemy Planets, Panchdha Relationship

There are natural friendships, and there are instantaneous friendships. Panchada Relationship Chakra is formed with natural and instantaneous friendships of planets. Sometimes the planets are benefic in natural friendships, but not in instantaneous friendships. Panchadha Chakra is, therefore, used to determine whether a planet is malefic or benefic. We’ll study about Panchadha Chakra in the next chapter. Let us try to understand about instantaneous friendships here.

Planets Instantaneous friendship table.

Instantaneous friendships of planets are specified based on their positions in the horoscope. A planet three houses behind and a planet three houses ahead are friends. Planets in any other house have enemy relationship. For example, see the picture of the horoscope shown in the article.

Ascendant -10, House-2-Mars, House 5- Ketu, House 6-Moon, Venus, House 7-Sun, House-8 Mercury Jupiter, House 11-Saturn Rahu.


Instantaneous Friends

Instantaneous  Enemy


Moon, Venus, Ketu, Mercury, Jupiter

Mars, Saturn , Rahu


Ketu, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter

Venus, Mars, Saturn, Rahu


Ketu, Saturn , Rahu

Moon, Venus, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury


Sun, Moon, Venus, Ketu, Saturn, Rahu

Mars, Mercury


Sun, Ketu, Jupiter, Mercury

Moon, Mars, Saturn, Rahu


Mars, Mercury, Jupiter

Rahu, Ketu, Moon, Venus, Sun


Mars, Mercury , Jupiter

Ketu, Moon, Venus, Sun, Saturn


Mars, Moon, Venus, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter

Saturn, Rahu