Different Types of Astrology

In the last chapter we learnt about the introduction and expansion of astrology. Lets go ahead and learn few more things about astrology...

Vedic astrology is like a giant Banyan tree. It is impossible to completely separate the different branches of this banyan tree, because you never know when one branch merges into another. Before learning Vedic astrology, it is necessary to know the different types of Astrology.

In simple words Vedic astrology is divided into two parts:

Mathematical Astrology
Mathematical astrology involves Panchang and mathematical calculations. It also has many branches as follows. It gives calculations to determine the position and speed of planets. Mathematical astrology includes additions, subtractions, multiplication, square root etc. It also explains the method to calculate the speed and position of earth, sky etc.

Result Astrology
This astrology mentions the positions of planets and yogas being formed in the horoscope and their benefic results. This details the methods to calculate muhurat, which includes the calculations of planets, dates, constellations etc.

Tajik Astrology
Tajik comes under Result Astrology. This includes the making of yearly horoscope, which calculates year, month, days of whole year and good rewards are considered over it.

Question Astrology

In question astrology, horoscope is formed on the basis of the time the question has been asked and results are given or the question is solved thereafter. This is a unique form of astrology.

Maidneya Astrology

This astrology is also known as Rashtra astrology. This astrology is used to know about the rise or decline of a nation or country.

Samhita Astrology

Any earthquake or natural disaster involving Indra bows in a specific year is considered in it.



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    tell me about niryan bhava
    By ajay | Published 28 October, 2011 23:57:09 PM Reply
    SIR, I want to know accurate birth time of my daughter. who will tell me. kindly advice his name and address.
    By MRS.DEEPALI DILIP CHAVAN | Published 15 January, 2013 17:27:44 PM Reply
    Magical Talisman astrology is used for ritual magic and to create talismans.
    By Bhrigu | Published 06 January, 2014 07:08:34 AM Reply

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