Analysis of Arishta Yoga For Happy Married Life

Vedic astrology talks about many yogas. Some yogas are auspicious and some are inauspicious. It is important to determine the period when these yogas gives results and how they affect the life of the native. This analysis is useful in determining and pacifying the i-effects of some yogas that are likely to give bad or highly inauspicious results. The results of these yogas are determined on the basis of transits, dasha and position of planets in the kundli. In this pose we will learn about Arishta yoga in a horoscope.

Today we will analyze a horoscope of a female who never got the pleasure of a happy married life. Despite of being married in rich family she always had to face financial problems in regards to her needs and requirements. Her husband gave her all kind of troubles throughout her marriage life. She worked for her own livelihood. After few years she was blessed with two children, but ber husband was not fond of them too. She never understood the reasons of complications in her marriage. She lives a 16 years long suffering life.

In 2007, the woman felt some changes in her husband’s behaviour. Her husband started treating her well and apologized for his negligence all these years. he even asked his son to join him in the business, even though the son was only 15 year old. After four days of pleasant changes, the man committed suicide by burning himself. The woman gained financial benefits after his death, but now she’s living a lonely life without husband, a husband who never gave her the place and respect she deserved.

Taurus is the ascendant in this horoscope. Mars is the lord of seventh house in a Taurus ascendant horoscope. Mars is the lord of the ascendant and situated in the second house.. The lord of the fourth house is situated with Sun. Mars transiting to the eighth house from its own house is not considered a favourable placement for marriage. The Sun and Mars conjunction is in the husband’s house of age, which is the second house in the female’s horoscope. Mars in the second house of a female’s kundli is not considered to be a favourable position for husband’s longevity.

In this horoscope, Mars and Sun are situated in the eighth house from the seventh house, which belongs to Gemini sign. Gemini represents air and both the planets situated in this house ar fire elements. Sun and Mars are being aspected by debilitated Saturn, placed in the twelfth house. Saturn is debilitated in Aries sign, which is again a fire sign. In Taurus ascendant, Jupiter rules the lord of the eighth house and lord of the eleventh house. In this horoscope, the Jupiter is situated in the sixth house and aspecting the second house. Also, Moon and Rahu are situated in the tenth house. Moon afflicted by Rahu, represents mental stress throughout life. Debilitated Saturn present in the twelfth house represents lack of physical pleasure.

The second house is used to analyze the pleasure of home and family. Unfortunately, this house is afflicted in this horoscope. Fourth house is also used to determine the pleasure in married life, but Ketu is situated in this house, while the lord of the fourth house is situated with Mars and being aspected by Saturn and Jupiter. This navamsha kundli is vargottama and belongs to Taurus ascendant. Venus and Saturn are situated together in the seventh house. Mars is the lord of the seventh house and situated in the twelfth house. It is aspecting the seventh house from the eighth place. There are many favourable placements in this horoscope, which led the woman stay with her husband for a long period of 16 years. Jupiter is aspecting the Mars in the seventh house from the eighth place.

The period in which the husband committed suicide, Saturn, Ketu, Mercury were in their dasha.
We have already analyzed the position of Saturn in this horoscope. Now if Saturn is considered to a Scorpio ascendant, it is situated in the sixth house with fire sign from the house of partner.
Antardahsyana Ketu leo sign. Here both of them are fire signs, but Ketu gives results according to its own sign. Sun is the lord of Ketu, which is present in the eighth house from the seventh house. It is aspected by Mahadashnaya Saturn. The relation of seventh house with the sixth and eighth house can be seen clearly in this horoscope.

On the day of the suicide, the Mars was transiting through the Gemini sign. Saturn and Jupiter were transiting through the ascendant house, which is considered to be a marak position for the husband. Rahu and Moon were transiting through Moon and Ketu of her horoscope, which was representing the mental status of the native. The Saturn was in the twelfth house in its debilitated state.

In her horoscope, Saturn is the Rajyogkari. Since Satur was present in its debilitated state in the initial years of her marriage, the female had to suffer from lack of finances and luxurious life. But during its dasha, Saturn brought lots of wealth in to her but at a huge cost. She was already living a life where she never got any pleasure or happiness from her husband, and now she’ll never be able to attain it ever in her life. She’ll have to live a life of a widow for the rest of her life.

Due to the position of Saturn/Ketu, this separation took place, and now she has diverted her mind and soul towards spiritual and religious practices., She spends most of her time in the reminence of almighty and her husband. She is a member of a religious organizations and take active part in religious activities. During the antardasha of Ketu, her husband committed suicide and she also bought a new house for herself due to financial benefits. Ketu gave its maximum results during this period. The lord of the seventh house is situated in the house of wealth. This placement represents financial benefits from husband. This the reason why the lady attained wealth and pleasure of house. During the death of her husband, Mercury was in its pratyantar. Mercury is the lord of wealth and lord of fifth house. It is in the ascendant and aspecting the seventh house. She got all the wealth of her husband in this pratyantar dasha.

Saturn is considered to be a yogkaraka plant for Taurus ascendant horoscope. This is because Saturn is present in the kendra and trikon houses. It gives results as per the lords of each houses. In this dasha, the native attains both, happiness and displeasure.

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