Analysis of Nakshatras For Salvation - Part 1

Diseases and illnesses can be determined by the study of medical astrology. The analysis of the duration and severity of the condition can be determined through the analysis of the position of nakshatras as well.  This helps determining the recovery period and duration of the disease.

  • If the sickness begins in the Bharani Nakshatra, the illness doesn't stay for more than a couple of days. The native may also have to face near to death experience during this time if the illness doesn't settles down in a day or two. The native is advised to take utmost care of his health during this time.
  • Native suffering from illness  began in the Ashwini  nakshatra can take anywhere from a week to 2 months to recover The native is advised to take good care of his health.
  • Illness beginning in the Krittika nakshatra can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to heal. The native is advised to perform remedies to pacify the ill-effects of nakshatra during this period.
  • If the native gets sick in the Rohini nakshatra, it might take him more than a week to recover. The native is able to fight the illness and get back to his normal health in a short time only. He doesn't have to suffer from many complications.
  • Similarly, if the native gets ill in the Ardra nakshatra he takes a month’s time to recover from his illness. Such a person may have to face some health complications as well. The native should take good care of his health and consult a good doctor from time to time.
  • Natives getting ill during Punarvasu nakshatra are able to get over with their illness soon. Such people don’t have to face much health complications in this nakshatra period.
  • Illness beginning in the Pushya nakshatra doesn't stay for long as well. The native is able to get the health benefits early. He doesn't have to go through many problems and health related issues.

  • Illness diagnosed in the Ashlesha nakshatra can be quite problematic for the native. The illness can take quite a long time to  settle down and recover.
  • Illness beginning in the Magha nakshatra can give near to death experience as well. The native will have to face to a lot of health complications during this time. He might also get affected with various other allergies or diseases.
  • A disease can take a week to settle down if started in the Purvaphalguni nakshatra. But if the native is diagnosed with some serious disease, he may have to face near to death experience.

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