Analysis of Indu Lagna

Indu lagna is also known as the ascendant of wealth. It has special significance in Ashtakavarga. It is also known by the name of Moon Yoga in the Brihat Parashara Hora. Indu lagna or Moon ascendant is analyzed to determine the financial situation of a native. It is used to determine the wealth and prosperity of the native. It also determines important incidents of a native’s life.

Rules To Calculate Indu Lagna

In this calculation Rahu and Ketu are not taken into consideration. Other than this all the seven planets have been assigned few points, that are known as the rays of the planets. These points are as follows:

Planets Points/Kala
Sun 30
Moon 16
Mars 6
Mercury 8
Jupiter 10
Venus 12
Saturn 1

The Kala of the Ninth lord from Lagna, and that of the Ninth lord from the moon should be added and the total divided by 12.

Add both these values; and then, divide it by 12 and note down the remainder, which will be between 0 to 11. The remainder, should always be less than 12. If the remainder is zero, then it is advised to write 12 instead of zero.

The house falling in the twelfth house from the Moon or the previous house from the natal Moon’s position will be considered as Indu Lagna.

Let’s take a look at a example birth chart to help you understand these rules in a better way.

In this examples we have taken a libra ascendant birth chart. Jupiter and Mars are in the ascendant, Venus is in the second house, Mercury is in the third, Sun in the fourth, Rahu in the sixth, Moon in seventh, Saturn in eleventh and Ketu is in the twelfth house. The lord of the ninth house is Mercury with 8 kala points. Likewise, Jupiter is the lord of the ninth house from the Moon with 10 kala points.

In this way, the value of both the planet’s kala is 18. Since this yoga has a value more than 12, we'll divide it by 12. The remainder of this value is now 6.

Now, Moon in the birth chart is in the seventh house with Cancer sign. If we’ll count 6 houses from the seventh house, we’ll get 12th house with Sagittarius house. Thus, 12th house is the Indu lagna of this birth chart.