Yogas Formed With a Combination of Two Planets

Combination of Sun and Moon

In this placement, the native is friendly with females. He understands them well and maintain healthy relationships with females around. The native can be attracted towards intimate and addictive things such as alcohol, drugs etc. He can be a good dealer of alcoholic substances and use his clever brains to sell such things.

The combination of Sun and Moon diverts the attention of the native towards illegal works. The native may not have a strong and determined mind that often leads to instability. He is always inclined to try new things as he is never satisfied with his own work.

Combination of Sun and Mars

This combination of planets makes the native aggressive and short tempered. Since both the planets are aggressive in nature, the native can have problems in controlling his temperament. Such a person is courageous.

He is inclined to test his power and strength by taking different challenges in life. He might get involved in some malicious activities that can create problems for him in the later stage of life. Such a person possess leadership qualities and thus he always tries to keep himself ahead of everyone.

Combination of Sun and Mercury

Sun and Mercury form a great combination in terms of intelligence and wisdom. The native goes into service and do well at work place. However, this position can lead to instability in finances. Such a person is soft spoken and able to attract others with his communication skills. He is adored and loved by everyone in his social circle.

It is considered to be a favourable combination of planets. The native becomes a scholar and attains high position in his field. He uses his intelligence to attain success in his job and business.

Combination of Sun and Jupiter

This is a combination of two friendly planets. The native with this combination is religious and spends most of his time in religious activities. He is kind and pure by heart. Such a person stays away from wrongful deeds. He is honored and respected in the society due to his conduct. Such a person is honored by the government.

Combination of Sun and Venus

This combination makes the native creative. Such a person is able to make a remarkably good place in his field. He is loved and appreciated for his creative thoughts and works. He is inclined to acting and theatre. Such a person is able to earn immense wealth with a help of females. Due to the influence of this combination, the native’s vision might be affected.

Combination of Sun and Saturn

This is not considered to be a favourable placement. Since Sun and Saturn don’t go well with each other, the native may not be able to attain the benefits of both the planet. With this combination, the native gains knowledge of all kind of metals. He is religious. Such a person might get problems from his spouse or child. According to certain principles, this combinations causes conflicts between son and father or master and servant.

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    I have ketu(Vrushabh) and shukra(Vrushabh) in lagna hosea, then what happen?
    By Ketan | Published 10 November, 2014 04:09:39 AM Reply
    my date of birth is 27.03.1967, at 7.10 AM,RAYAGADA(ODISHA)765001.
    please suggest me what the combination of sun and saturn in pisces, in 12th bring forth in its dasha and antardasha.
    By laxmi narayana padhi | Published 04 September, 2016 07:06:06 AM Reply
    visit the site and post your question for free consultation.
    By Freeastroloy | Published 05 November, 2016 11:34:17 AM Reply
    Does this chart indicate worldly fame/massive/huge fame and natal chart, boy born on 2nd may 2003, at 21:47 ie 9:47 pm, vadodara-gujarat--India
    By richa | Published 09 December, 2016 01:07:47 AM Reply

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