Effects of Sadesati On Nakshatras

The native starts experiences the effects of sadesati when the Saturn transiting from the Moon comes in the twelfth house. This is the first stage of sadesati. In the second stage the Saturn comes above the Moon. Saturn transiting through the second house is the third stage of sadesati. In this post, we’ll discuss effects of Saturn’s sadesati on the different nakshatras.

The nakshatra in which Saturn is placed during the commencement of Sadesati is analyzed. The native tends to get inauspicious results if the nakshatra in which Saturn transits is also malefic.

  • If the birth nakshatra belongs to first, second or third place the native is likely to suffer from harmful consequences.
  • If the birth nakshatra belongs to fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh place, the native attains happy and prosperous life.
  • In the eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth place, the native experiences undesirable incidents and long distance traveling.
  • In the fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth place, the native attains wealth and fortune.
  • In the nineteenth and twenty place, the native attains mixed results.
  • The native experiences auspicious results in the twenty first, twenty second and twenty third place.
  • In the twenty fourth and twenty fifth place the native attains happiness and luxuries.
  • In the twenty sixth or twenty seventh place the native is surrounded with stressful situations.

Some scholars believe that the effects of sadesati are influenced by Moon sign. Sadesati gives auspicious results if the Moon sign is friendly to Saturn, or Moon is present in the Saturn’s sign, or Moon is in the exalted sign.

Murti Verdict

The murti verdict is analyzed to determine the results of transits. It is analyzed for transits related to Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter. The position of transiting Moon should also be analyzed when any planet changes sign. Now, calculate your birth Moon from the transiting Moon to determine the sign in which it is placed.

  • If the transiting Moon from the birth Moon lies in the first, sixth or eleventh sign, the native attains the benefit of Swarna Murti.
  • Raja murti is formed if the placement is in the second, fifth or ninth sign. This is also an auspicious position, but less than Swarna Murti.
  • Tamra Murti gives average results. It is formed when the placement takes place in the third, seventh or tenth sign.
  • Loh Murti is inasupicious and is formed when the placement takes place in the fourth, eighth and twelfth house.

Auspicious and Inauspicious Time For Sadesati

Moon Sign Twelfth Saturn From Moon Saturn on Moon Saturn in the second house from Moon
Aries Average Inauspicious Auspicious
Taurus Inauspicious Auspicious Auspicious
Gemini Auspicious Highly Auspicious Inauspicious
Cancer Auspicious Inauspicious Inauspicious
Leo Inauspicious Inauspicious Auspicious
Virgo Inauspicious Auspicious Highly Auspicious
Libra Auspicious Highly Auspicious Inauspicious
Scorpio Auspicious Inauspicious Average
Sagittarius Auspicious Average Auspicious
Capricorn Auspicious Average Auspicious
Aquarius Auspicious Inauspicious Average
Pisces Auspicious Average Inauspicious

Shani Dhaiyya

The period spent by Saturn in one sign is known as Saturn’s Dhaiyya. This dhaiyya takes place when the Saturn is in the fourth or eighth house from the birth Moon.

Kantak or Adharshtam Saturn

When the Saturn transits through the fourth house from the birth Moon, it is known as Kantak or Ardhashtam Saturn.

Ashtam Saturn

Saturn is known as Ashtam Saturn when the Saturn transits through the eighth house.

Saturn's Sadesati (Shani Sadhesati) Transit and its impact