History of Astrology in India

Varah Mihir Jyotish Kal

Varahmihir is among the most important sages in Vedic astrology. The name Varahmihir is carved in golden words in the history of Hindu astrology. The time from 57 B.C till 1100 B.C is known as the Varah Mihir era. This great astrologer and author took birth in 57 B.C.

Varah Mihir Astrology Epics

He composed an epic called Brihat Jataka. He was one of the nine scholars in the court of King Vikramaditya. He wrote “Panch Sidhantika” and “Brihat Samhita” on Medini Astrology. Apart from this, he wrote “Laghujataka”, “Vivah Patal”, “Yog Yatra” and Samar Samhita. After Varahmihir comes the name of Kalyanverma.


Kalyanverma took birth around 578 AD. He wrote a book, “Sarawali”, on predictive astrology. In this book 2500 Shlokas are given. This epic is written on the principles of Varah Mihir and Yavan Hora.

Bhattotpal is a famous scholar of astrology. He has interpreted “Varah Jataka” of Varah Mihir in an a very reasonable and clear manner. He also wrote a book commenting on Prashna Shastra, “Shat-Panchashika” written by the son of Varah Mihir. Apart from this, he wrote “Prashna Gyan” on Prashna Shastra. Bhattotpal took birth in 888 A.D.


Chandrasen worked on Medini astrology and wrote a book called  “Keval Gyan Hora”. He described different ways and Chakras of Medini astrology in this book.


The astrologer Shripati took birth in 999 A.D. He did remarkable work in mathematical astrology and wrote books like Pati Ganit, Beej Ganit and Sidhant Hora. He also wrote books on Predictive Astrology like Saripati Padhati and Ratnawali Ratnamala.


He wrote a book called “Ganit Saar”. He also wrote “Jyotirgyana” in sanskrit and “Jataka Tilak” in Kannada.

He wrote a book called “Aaya Gyan Tilak”, in which he described how to get predictions from the following eight kinds of income, Dhwaja, Dhooma, Simha, Gaja, Khar, Vrishabha and Dhwansa.



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