Relationship of Astrology and Karma

Beliefs and concepts of astrology and philosophy are very similar. Both disciplines inspire people to rely on hard work than luck. Life is considered a circle in both astrology and philosophy. It is believed that your present life is the result of your past life Karmas. The concept of reincarnation is accepted by both the disciplines. However, they also believe in destiny and Karmas of the present life. In astrology, the factors like country, time and character are also considered to make a prediction. Every individual born is destined to die. Every organism takes birth and enters a new life according to the good and bad deeds of his past life. We get human life after living 84 lakhs Yonis or after doing good deeds in consecutive lives, because human beings are the most intelligent organisms among all creatures. The position of planets at the time of birth gives direction to a person’s life. But achievements and failures of an individual do not depend on this only. The actions of our previous birth affect all the current happenings of our life. The account of all these actions can be analyzed through fifth house. Its placement, the placement of the lord of this house, the planets placed in this house and the planets having an aspect on it can tell us about the happenings of the present and future. Bhogya Dasha at the time of birth of the child can also tell us about the happenings of future. Many individuals take birth at the same time. If they develop only under the influence of planets and Nakashatras then their lives should be same. But the effect of the actions of their previous lives make their destinies different. Karmas are of three kinds: Sanchit Karma, Prarabdha Karma and Kriyaman Karma Sanchit Karma Karmas accumulated from the previous life are known as Sanchit Karma. This works exactly like a savings bank account, in which a person deposits money regularly and it remains in the account until he withdraws it. Similarly, if you do not get the results of Karmas then those Karmas are saved for your next life. It is rightly said in Shastras that ; "अवश्यमेव भोक्तव्यम, कृ्त: कर्म शुभाशुभम" It means that consequences of all the good or bad actions always appear. They will follow the person unless he gets the results of his actions. Another kind of Karma is known as Prarabhda. Prarabdha Karma Prarabhdha Karmas are all the pains and gains a person gets according to the actions of his previous life. But an individual can change his or her fate by good conduct, good behaviour and by doing good deeds. But he can also make his life worse by doing bad deeds. But this good or bad change is partial and confined. Because according to astrology and Indian philosophy, birth, death and other important happenings of one’s life are predestined. That is why future happenings are known as Prarabhdha or destiny. The change an individual can bring according to his good or bad deeds is known as free will. For instance, sometimes when a patient’s condition is critical and doctors are hopeless about him, then the prayers and beliefs of his well-wishers can save his life. Kriyaman Karma The third type of Karma is known as Kriyaman Karma. These Karmas are inspired by the actions of the previous birth and the present environment of an individual. Here, the principle of Desh(country), Kal(time) and Patra(character) comes into existence. The factors like environment, eating habits of a person and the way of living also affect the life of an individual. Astrology has prioritized actions more than destiny. Destiny always favours the person who makes efforts for something. Hence, a person should do his duties by rightful means. In this way, a person can change his or her destiny and make his or her life happy.



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    Thoughts are really things just as much as light, heat or electricity, etc., are things
    By sushant | Published 06 January, 2016 07:11:51 AM Reply
    Need to know about the True Meaning of Life. When all is predestined then what is the main purpose of Life?
    How can one bring a positive change in his attitude and belief that Hard Work Pays... How can one attain salvation and peace of Mind.
    By HARSH SARAN GUPTA | Published 06 September, 2017 06:02:15 AM Reply

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