Strong Saturn - Effect of Saturn Placement in Different Houses

Saturn, the most distant planet from the Sun has two aspects. He is a saint on one hand leading a life of extreme austerity and renunciation and on the other hand, a great rogue who allows no respite to the sufferer. Native becomes a saint or a rogue according to the requirement of the fate and destiny of the individual native. As per Lal kitab, his good qualities are represented by ketu and bad by Rahu. These nodes are virtually his agents who are poles apart from each other.

Saturn is considered to be the significant of vision in Lal kitab. Vision means the power of discrimination which can be granted to him due to his serious thoughtful nature. Saturn has the power to identify the nature and other related factors of each and every person easily and play his mischief accordingly, if he is malefic.

As per Lal Kitab, Saturn is considered to be a serpent. Rahu is its head and ketu is its tail. If Ketu is in earlier houses, then the latter becomes a great benefic. He always helps the native. If Ketu is in latter houses, then Saturn becomes poisonous. When Saturn is a benefic and occupies 2, 5, 9, 12 houses, he never gives bad results.

Saturn Placement in Different Houses

  • Strong Saturn in the 1st house : It denotes that the native will adapt to foreign customs and habits. He is a strong minded, passionate person and has well built thighs.
  • Strong Saturn in the 2nd house : It denotes good health to the native. The native becomes the lord of huge wealth and property. He is a justice lover. But the person stays away from his family and birth place. He also earns a lot of money through illegal methods as gambling, lottery, shares etc.
  • Strong Saturn in the 3rd house : Saturn in 3rd house denotes long life. He can be spiritual and can become a good astrologer. The person with Saturn in 3rd house indicates that he should avoid non-vegetarian food and alcohol. Domesticating black dog is fortunate for natives.
  • Strong Saturn in the 4th house : This position of Saturn is not very fortunate but if Saturn is strong, then property or mining related work will give success. Those who are judge or decision makers will find 4th Saturn very fortunate.
  • Strong Saturn in the 5th house : 5th House Saturn denotes that the native will be lazy but intellectual. He gets all pleasures from his kids. Profession related to property, building material will give lots of profits.
  • Strong Saturn in the 6th house : Those natives having Saturn in the 6th house have the power to dominate their foes. The natives are clever. They are happy-go-lucky people. He can become a yogi.
  • Strong Saturn in the 7th house : Saturn in 7th makes the native enterprising. Marriage can be delayed due to the presence of Saturn, but, the marriage is stable. It gives political success. He has all the chance to get honour in a foreign country.
  • Strong Saturn in the 8th house : Saturn in the 8th house denotes long life. This placement of Saturn is unpredictable, it could be very fortunate or unfortunate. Person gets lots of ¬†dowry in marriage.
  • Strong saturn in the 9th house : It denotes legal success, founder of a charitable institution, logical brain and ceremonial minded.
  • Strong Saturn in the 10th house : The native visits sacred rivers and shrines, is a great worker, bilious and has residences in foreign countries.
  • Strong Saturn in the 11th house : The native will be learned. He will be feared and respected. They are also wealthy, much of landed property, political success, influential and politically respected.
  • Strong Saturn in the 12th house : The native with Saturn in the 12th house depicts the native to be attracted towards yoga. He is a learned in the occult science.

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