Medical Astrology - Basics of Predictions

Astrology can forewarn and Astrology can also forearm. Many advantages can be derived by ascertaining beforehand the presence of the indication of some disease or illness or the duration of life of the native.
Those who are really well versed in the science do hold that they can afford the physician a certain prognosis. An astrologer’s work in this respect is priceless in value when compared to that of the doctor.
The 12 Houses and Related Body Parts

  • First House : This is the house of Ascendant. It rules the head and the face. It represents the overall personality, health, physical body and character.
  • Second House : This is the house of Wealth. It rules the neck and the throat. It represents right eye, face and source of death.
  • Third House : This is the house of the Relatives. It rules the shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. It represents right ear and courage.
  • Fourth House : This is the house of the Home. It rules the stomach and breast. This house represents the general build of the neck and shoulders, peace of mind and happiness.
  • Fifth House : This is the house of Pleasure. It rules heart and back. It  represents the heart and the back, love affairs and off springs.
  • Sixth House : This is the house of health. It rules the intestines and solar plexus of the natives. It represents sickness in general, deafness and sex disease.
  • Seventh House : This is the house of Marriage. It rules the veins and kidneys and in case of woman, the ovaries. It represents colic pains, sickly and deafness.
  • Eighth House : This is the house of Death. It rules the organs of generations. It represents big belly, corpulent, defect in sight, danger by poisons, asthma and consumptions.
  • Ninth House : This is the house of religion and philosophy. It rules hips and thighs.
  • Tenth House : This is the house of Business and Honour. It rules the skeleton and knees in particular. It represents bilious, sudden elevation, depression and success.
  • Eleventh House : This is the house of Friends. It rules the legs and ankles in particular. It represents the native’s relation with friends and his position towards humanity.
  • Twelfth House : This is the house of Secret Enemies. It rules unseen difficulties, impairment of senses and squint eyes. It determines the amount of freedom enjoyed by the natives.

Precautions in Predictions

  • The house of disease is the sixth from the Ascendant. The factors to be considered while judging a disease are:
  1. The planets in the 6th house
  2. The lord of 6th,
  3. The aspects on the 6th house
  4. The navamsa, the lord of the 6th occupies.
  • Due attention must be paid to the Ascendant and the relationship between its lord and the 6th.
  • The general build up and the strength of the physical constitution must be ascertained with reference to the position of the Sun and the mental peculiarities with reference to the Moon.
  • Malefics in the 6th with no beneficial aspect cause continuous illness.
  • Abdominal diseases, appendicitis etc. are caused by the movement of the Sun and Moon in Virgo.

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