Disease, Illness and Medical Astrology

Sickness and disease are the normal features of a human being. Some sickness are for short time. They come and go with no significant effect. Some are little more intense and some are chronic. They all are a cause of concern irrespective of their nature.
The house of disease is the sixth house from the Ascendant. The planets in the sixth house, the lord of the sixth house, the aspect on the sixth house and the Navmansha occupies all this and should be considered for predicting disease.  
Virgo sign alone must be considered to judge the disease and sickness. The planet in the sixth house affect the particular part of the body governed by the sign and the disease will be those that are indicated by its ruler.
The Ascendant should also be taken into consideration. It is important to consider the relationship of the ascendant lord and th 6th lord.
The general buildup and the strength of the physical constitution must be ascertained with reference to the position of the Sun and the mental peculiarities with reference to the moon.  
Malefics in the 6th house with no benefic aspect leads to continuous illness

Diseases Signified by Planets

Every planet signifies some or the other diseases. Sometimes the combo of the planets also indicate chronic disease. All nine planets indicate disease on the basis of their features and trait and affecting particular body part.

  • Sun : The Sun indicates palpitation of heart, insanity, epilepsy, paralysis. The Sun also indicates appendicitis, fistula, inflammatory complaints. As per Lal Kitab blood pressure is indicated if Mercury occupies 6 or 12..If the Sun is in the 6th house and is aspected by the Saturn then it is sure that the native will loose the vitality by means of unnatural methods.
  • Moon: The Moon indicates heart disease, eye trouble, intestinal functions, lymphatic vessels, pericardium, bronchial catarrah,  insanity, tumours.
  • Mars: Mars indicates diseases related to stomach, cholera or liver. Mars also effects muscular tissue, muscles, inflammation of lungs, haemorrhage, heoemoptsis, spitting of blood, hypertrophy, typhoid and enteric fever, infectious and contagious disease.
  • Mercury: Mercury indicates Small pox, diseases of skull and scalp, trouble of nerves, teeth or tongue. Blood pressure is indicated whn Mercury is in 12th house and Sun is in the 6th house.   Mercury also indicates nasal disorders, impediments of speech, brain and nervous disorders, delirium, neuralgia, palpitation, genito urinary troubles. Mercury in the 6th house with Saturn and Rahu powerfully aspecting mars leads to arthritis for a very long time.
  • Jupiter: Jupiter planet indicates breathing troubles, troubles of lungs, asthma. Jupiter also indicates blood apoplexy, pleurisy, degeneration, piles, tumours, diabetes.
  • Venus: Venus indicates  skin disease, itching, suppression of urine, discharg from eyes, throat disease and digestive troubles.The remedy for venus related disease is piercing of the nose as ladies do.
  • Saturn: Saturn indicates disease related to Eye-sight or vision, cough, rheumatism, consumption, bronchitis, asthma, gout, constipation, bright’s disease