Era of Vedic astrology

It is very difficult to say that when did the astrology started. This science is considered most ancient and is included in ancient epics. This science was recited by the gods, hence it is known as divine science. It is also known as Vedang or Pratyaksh Shastra. India is the only country where this science has been developed and has been explored since ancient times.

The sages and saints of India have taught us to achieve Brahma Gyana through practising Yoga and by awakening of Kundalini. The spread of knowledge in ancient days was through transmission of ideas from one person to another. The leaves of copper were used for writing in those days and everyone who had this knowledge was not able to use it for preserving  the knowledge of astrology. The hereditary transmission of this knowledge from a father to a sun or from a mentor to the protege was the only medium to preserve this knowledge.

Vedic Astrology of Vedic Era

Astrology was significant in Vedic era. At that time astrologers analyzedthe motion of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter,Venus, Saturn and Nakashatras. They also calculated the duration of a day, duration of a night, occurence of weather and duration of an year. Apart from this, the astrologers of that time were also acquainted with Uttarayana and Dakshinayan dates.

Astrology was used for finding Muhurtas to perform auspicious rites. The auspiciousness of the time is also taken in consideration while performing religious or routine work. The people of Vedic era were fully acquainted with Nakshatras. They fixed the equinox point in the last stage of Bharani Nakshatra. It is now taken from the beginning of Kritika nakshatra.

Astrologers of Vedic era knew the names of the Nakshatras and the method of calculating their stages. They also knew how to nominate the lords of these Nakshatras. All the account of the  development of astrology in Vedic Era is present in an epic called “Traitiya Shruti”.

People used to perform the religious rites to remove the Dosha in the child born in the Mula Nakshatra. Various methods like this are mentioned in the Vedas.



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